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Camas Light

Here is perhaps one of the most lonesome, two-lane roads on the western side of the Great Divide. Matthew shot this view on the Camas Prairie road on our way back from the small town of Hot Springs. I always experience a singular, isolated feeling when I travel this narrow ribbon of a road. It is a sensation that isn’t completely pleasant but not entirely unpleasant either. I imagine myself living here, trying to scrape a living; wholly surrounded by wind and the mountains. There isn’t much to stop the wind in this slender little valley and the dried grasses and clouds speak endlessly in a strange language. β€œThe whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” – G. K. Chesterton

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0 thoughts on “Sky Watcher

  1. If I had the skills to write a poem to such beauty
    I would do so,
    but even then
    I would have to take much care
    because choosing my words
    would be a hard task …

    it’s not easy to speak or write
    when in presence of beauty!

  2. fantastic one! In the sky, there is no distinction of north and south, the people create distinctions out of their own minds…. mine’s up too hope you can drop by.

  3. Beautiful shot with a lot of feeling. I really like the little patch of sunlight to establish the light/dark relationship. Stunning and lonely.

    I have traveled a lot of areas like this and although they are beautiful, I am ready to move on down the road.

    My Sky Watch is up.
    Come and Visit,
    Troy and Martha

  4. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for the visit. Lovely blog, great pictures, energetic writing style. I really enjoyed the water tower shot, and several others on this site.

    I am a city slicker but I love the wide open spaces.

    Do keep in touch ….

  5. It’s would be nice to drive down that road with the great scenery of the mountains in front. Flashes of cars with windows wind down and radio blasting with loud music seems to enter my mind now.
    Have a good weekend ahead!

  6. A splendid photograph, so evocative of Montana with the blues, the browns, and the play of light.

    I do love Hot Springs, Montana. Hope to make another stop at the Symes one of these days.

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