An ideal location

The rehearsal dinner for our son’s wedding was held in the backyard of friends outside of Helena. The grounds are surrounded by huge, old willows. There was abundant shade for a party and lots of space for the kids to run. Just a few weeks prior their lawn and basement had been flooded by high creek run-off. The week of the wedding there had been multiple downpours but it was dry enough Friday night to host the dinner. It was not a place for high heels since the ground was very soft. It was causal wear and time for a BBQ picnic! Yum! ¬†Everyone had a good time, I think. We fed about 34 people.

We certainly appreciated all the hard work it took to host the party. Thank you, thank you!


There might have been a slight case of wedding nerves that evening. Ian Caitlin were pretty cool, but ¬†I certainly was feeling it! Everyone got enough to eat and drink and it didn’t rain! I’d say it was a success. The food, catered by best man # 2 – Nik’s parents, was delicious.


The grounds were so lovely. Here the trampoline is empty but a few minutes prior it was a very popular spot for the children.

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  1. My first thought was–everybody looks so relaxed. I always worry about people dealing with weddings, which should be a lot more fun than some of them have become because of big expectations and outrageous expenses. It looks like you all hit it just right. Lovely!

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