Canyon Ferry

The photo I took this afternoon on the road between Bozeman and Helena north of Townsend, MT.  Canyon Ferry Lake is off in the distance and was covered with white caps since there was a stiff wind blowing.  We were driving back with the cargo trailer full of our son’s belongings which we packed up as his SSEL  internship in Bozeman is now complete.  The sky was randomly scattered here and there with rain clouds which have moved into the northwest region dispelling the hot weather.  We were happy to have the cool temperatures while packing and then driving back again.

Ian’s brain has literally been in the upper atmosphere for weeks now working on two different satellite projects connected with NASA.  I believe he is happy to have a little break now before Fall semester begins on the 24th of this month.  This shot of the sky outside of Townsend is in honor of his hard work the last 10 weeks!  Here’s to special springs, drag and added mass, Ian!  Always keep looking up; you’ll never know what will happen.


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  1. I know that the title refers to the lake in the distance, but in a way, the huge cloud mass makes me think of a great ferry plying the skies of the great canyons!

  2. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I am now home for a few days. The smoke we have had in western MT has been from the fires up in BC. So far, so good here!

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