Winter twilight on the lake


Winter is certainly here. We took a short walk along the shore at Big Arm last evening on the way home from my folks’. The world was quiet
except for a few cars on the road above the State Park. The lights across the bay and the blue shimmer of the water made it almost magical.
Okay, it was magical.
Too bad we didn’t have the kayak. Haha, just kidding.
How many different words do you think the Inuit have for the expression: Brrr….

A quiet corner with a Ukulele


The gray of the sky outside makes me want to cover up and find a quiet place to read or strum the Ukulele.
We still haven’t had any significant amount of snow even though the NWS says there’s a hundred percent chance.
Hmmm, how does that work again? I hope you all find your quiet little nook this weekend to savor the warmth of your homes
and hearts. Advent season and all of its activities can be such a reflective time of the year…
And maybe with a little luck we’ll get some snow.


Photos enlarge.

No snow, so we hiked

December finds us without snow except in the higher elevations around 5000 feet. We went out for a short hike this afternoon
which found us some wide open vistas. A December 1 hike was pretty sweet but we know that snow is coming. Soon, this area
will be gated off so the wild elk herds can enjoy their range in peace.



These shots are off my iPhone. They always look a little funky but that’s okay. The bottom photo clicks
to a larger size. It was rather a nice day.

Matt on trail Dec 1