Mountain top Moon

Yesterday afternoon we were near the Clark Fork river for a picnic. It was a warmer day than we’ve had. Rain is coming in from the coast so we took advantage of the chance to go out in the woods. But not too far into the woods since it’s hunting season. This waxing moon rose over the craggy peaks near Paradise where the Flathead and Clark Fork Rivers meet just as the sun was going down. We had stopped to watch the sun set over the river and Matt pointed out the moon coming up behind us. Oh yes.

Since I promised sunset photos awhile back, here you go. I took this photo below Friday, late afternoon. It’s dark here by 6 pm. Which seems wrong but it’s nice to have clear sky and a little snow on the mountains now. I’ve been busy with National Novel writing month, thus the sparse posts these last two weeks. And now Thanksgiving is upon us! I hope you are all thankful for something today.


Longing for the coast


It is already November. The seasons pass more quickly each year it seems. Our little family has made a plan to visit the Peninsula next Spring.
I’m not sure I can wait that long! Our youngest will be 21 then. How can it be, I remember him like it was last year, running along this beach when he was still so small?

I still haven’t figured out how time works… I need a brain the size of Einstein I guess.

Happy November everyone!