Moon Tower

This is a crazy photo, I know. And not one I’m usually known for – but here it is.
It’s not computer generated. It was real: Las Vegas control tower the morning we flew out
after our desert visit in April. I looked out the window of the passenger seat and the moon was hanging there — I had to take the photo.
What do you think when you look at it? I am thinking Star Wars or one of those computer games our boys play…


Next up will be the sunset photos from the other night like I promised. Maybe…

Canoe Bliss

The Raven canoe returns home after a quiet paddle up at the lake. It was a clear day ahead of the wind and rain.
This view is from the little brown church where we store her.


It’s hard to know what you’ll get when doing a mobile upload. I resized this in photoshop so it’s a bit better than the first pic.

On a clear day…


This photo is one we took on our last trip to Oregon about a year and a half ago, in April 2011, during spring break.
I can remember how hard the wind was blowing and how fresh and soft the air felt up in the forest.
As I write this the rain is gently falling on our parched valley. Our thanks to you, Creator. That is what the native people here say when
good things happen.

I should have alerted you all to what I’m up to a couple weeks ago, but I simply got distracted. I was taking a bit of a blogging break while
I work on my writing/publishing/general catch up. This week I hope to return to my novel in progress: Marsala Dreams.

I posted this photo because the novel is based on the sea, sailing, and adventuring in and around the northwest coast –mostly the book takes place on Haida Gwaii or the Queen Charlotte Islands in Canada. I am anxious to finish it before the end of the year so I’d better get cooking, huh? I don’t have that much left but tying all the little threads together is going to be a challenge.

So wish me luck. I’ll be back with some photos in a few days because once the sky clears we’re going to have some fantastic sunsets over the mountains.

And.. the fall colors are turning out great right now.