Clear or smoky sky?

We watched the Persied meteor showers late Saturday night. We weren’t sure if the sky would be clear or not
as there was smoke blowing in from somewhere else.
It turned out to be clear up above and smoky on the horizons.
We caught some brilliant shooting stars.

These trees on the North Fork are survivors from a fire a long time ago.
And in the second photo Flathead Lake is pretty obscured from the smoke.



What will it be?

We have not had too many adventures yet this month. Last week we paddled at Swan Lake for the day.
We are currently rebuilding our back porch and adding a deck. It’s all good work but what will our next adventure be?
The top photo is of a one lane road through the wind shield. The second is Matt sitting on the shore At Bowman Lake.
PS: I will be returning to my Canon camera eventually but the iPhone takes decent shots and it’s so easy to carry with on excursions.