Faux Flowers


I mentioned that I’d show you flowers but this is not what you expected, is it? These were taken at the Bellagio Gardens on the strip in Las Vegas.
I did not care for the strip, but the art and the Gardens were very interesting. It was way, super crowded everywhere we went down there
so we did not stay long. A little fact: Las Vegas grew from 325 k about 20 years ago and now it is 2.2 million. (According to our Taxi driver who used to work at
Caesar’s Palace as an assistant manager of food and beverage.)

Speaking of big those bees up there were huge.  Below is a display in a shop window. The odd thing is Рthere was never anyone inside the shops.  Only clerks.


It is difficult to relay the scale of this space. Notice the woman with her back to me… and the Carousel is big enough to ride but not for people

only for show. That’s Las Vegas for you. My first time to visit this city and I’m not sure I would return. Pretty much everything is …. faux.

Rocky Treasures

Matt on Cliff

It is hard to believe that anything could grow here. Sandstone for breakfast, lunch and dinner… it is everywhere. And where there is an absence of rock, is the finest
sand you could ever see. Golden, red, and burnt orange stone and sand. Not much for Flora to eat. But there were surprises along the way.

Cacti gardens were delicately placed here and there.


Green, growing things still climb their way up the rock faces despite the sun and desert climate.

What inspiring towers wind, sand and water have made. Next up a few wild flowers we found along the way.


Spring touches Zion

The great leafing out of Spring had just begun in the Park, which was curious to me, since it is such a warmer climate than Montana. I had a lot to learn about
the desert and high plateaus. Magic happens in every crevice, especially if that place catches water.


We didn’t see a ton of blooms in the desert but what we did see were bright and colorful.


Below Matthew and I (behind him) hike down what usually is Clear Creek but now dry. The next rain storm it won’t be; it will be a torrent.

I love that red sandstone color and the sand was as fine as it comes.

It was hot in the sun and cold in the shadow. Quite a change for us to see that much blue sky and sunshine. Yay sun!