Our snowy week


We woke up to about 14 + inches of snow after it stormed 30 hours; turning our street into a winter wonderland.

The snow clouds were still hanging around the mountains putting on their menacing, dark faces. It took big machines to clear the roads
and some roads haven’t been plowed yet. A friend of ours drove her four wheeler into town just to get out of her driveway since they had 20″ out of town.

School was cancelled, Matt got to stay home.


It’s is the type of day you want to meander to the corner to a friend’s shop, sit down and drink coffee.
Because outside it’s rather frightful! This shot below was taken through our front window at dusk last night.
I hope all of you are staying warm. Happy January!

When it's cold out – play the ukulele!


This is our living room yesterday afternoon while I was tuning and preparing for our third annual beginner Ukulele class
for the adult education series. Every single ukulele was singing by 7 p.m. It was magical outside with over a foot of snow
yet everyone still showed up for class despite the weather. It turned out to be pretty magical inside too because by 7:30
everyone knew enough chords and we were making music.  (Pics of our winter wonderland to come…)

Stuff in the oven….

make pie!

A happiest of New Year to all of you. I have once again been a bit out of the blogging loop since Solstice.
This is not intentional, we have a few items in the oven right now. There’s always somethin!

Two doctors said they are pretty sure I tore my ACL skiing after Christmas so no more skiing for me for awhile…. but I’m up and walking and getting around and using the ice pack a lot. I probably will not opt for the surgery. At least not right away.
When I want to go skiing again I’ll have to wear a brace, but I can live with that. The surgery takes about a year’s recuperation. I don’t wanna’ do that.

This morning I found leftover pumpkin pie filling.
So I decided to make a different kind of pie – carrot and pumpkin pie with pecans. (Say that five times fast!) This is
a shot of it as it went into the oven unbaked. Since our son gave me a very hip apron for Christmas I decided I needed
to brush up on my baking since the Holidays. This pie is equal parts carrot and pumpkin using the standard custard
pumpkin pie recipe.
Disclaimer:  I did not use heavy cream today since Matt and I are counting calories. I used Evaporated milk
and left out the cardamon since I added the carrot puree. I always seem to use more cloves, allspice and ginger than most recipes call for too.

Le Pie just came out of the oven so we’ll allow it to cool and see how it tastes. Then we’ll share with family.  Come on over for a piece!