Give me Sunshine


I wish you all a Happy Solstice a bit early with a little extra sunshine sure to come your way. I probably won’t get to this tomorrow.

We were treated to temps in the low 50’s over the weekend but now we have four inches of snow on the ground. Notice the contrast below!

After tonight the days will lengthen. So until then we simply have to bring each other sunshine with our smiles.


Pre-Christmas Ukuleles

Matthew and a friend are building ukuleles and here is our friend’s Uke
all decked out on our kitchen table. This Uke is a tenor. He might have done more this weekend
but here it is in the embryo stage a few days ago. The rosette was one of the first things
to go in around the sound hole.

Below is a side project: Matt’s experimenting with Mod Podge

on the peg head of one of our inexpensive ukuleles. Funny, there are dozens of “side projects” around here; how does that work? I figure, the thing

that is being worked on is the main project. Ha! I love the little nuthatch….

  • Nuthatch-peg-head

Inland sea SWF

I found a couple photos of Lake Ozette yesterday that I wanted to post for Sky Watch Friday. These were  taken right on shore at our campsite.


You can hardly see the head of the lake because of the waves and wind. The rollers were high that day but the Raven canoe handled the rough water well.

Have a happy weekend!

It’s skiing for us, I think.

Ozette inland sea