Thoughts still elsewhere…


Had to share with you the last photo of wild flowers I took. Even my pansies in the garden are pretty much frosted.

We had to get snow tires on our car before we go skiing. We did that, so now we’ll wait for a cheap Friday… but darn it if I’m not still thinking about boats!

Below is McDonald Lake I took with little ole’ point and shoot. It’s bright sunshine today with no snow. It’s hard to think about winter.


One of the closest put-ins for us when we go kayaking on Flathead Lake is at the southern tip of  Polson Bay. The sign was designed and cast by my brother

of  Written in Stone. He’s awesome.

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The north wind doth blow

As I write it is snowing hard and the wind is directly out of the north.

The first day of ski season begins today but I find myself longing for the sun and open water.


This is a view of McDonald Lake in the Park and Raven sitting at her shores taken in September on Labor Day Weekend.

Okay… enough of this; time to look for some new ski boots!

To paraphrase old Lao Tzu:  The longest journey begins with a single paddle.