Color it October!

The colors this autumn are quite brilliant partly due to the fact that we haven’t had a hard frost yet.

These rose hips were at the Bison Range;  Matt took this picture.

The dogwoods are just starting to turn. I didn’t increase the saturation in this photo at all; it’s just the way it looked.

This dogwood is next to our back door so I couldn’t pass up the color.

We did a paddle today along the Clark Fork near Trout Creek. This part of the river is like a lake with
very little current. Matt and I think this is the latest we’ve kayaked in October. It was nearly sixty. The photo below I took with my phone.

We saw Belted Kingfishers, heard loons, and a Bald Eagle flew over us on the river. I’d say it was a special paddle.

I have some others I took with the Canon which I hope to share in a couple of days.


Grape Harvest

One of our favorite things about Autumn is the chance to go out with miniature scissors and harvest the grapes off the vines.

It was a perfect day to do so; the sun was shining!

We haven’t had a killing frost yet but the green concord grapes were ready.  We cut about twelve pounds off the one vine.

Sunlight through the grape vines… there must be a special phrase for this color in Italian?


The purple Pinot grapes are not ready, but they seldom are. If we are lucky some of them will ripen. We don’t make wine but these

are not bad to eat when ready.


Joys of a weekend


It’s been awhile since we’ve had a weekend at home. In between putting up gutters and picking grapes we play with our new toy: a brand new set of refrigerator poetry. Too much fun! Wow, it doesn’t take much to amuse us, does it?