Kayak Dreams


This was seriously one of the warmest days I’ve ever been on Flathead. My shot turned out kind of cool tho’, despite it being so hot.

We did an after work paddle  a few days ago at the closest put-in for us at the southern tip of the lake. The heat made everything a little fuzzy….

We didn’t go far since Matt is still sore from a his bike accident. He’s back in the saddle though and getting better each day. Things were quiet here.

Just the way I like it.


Cold water on a hot day

Matthew and I went into Missoula last week to shop and took time out to take a walk in a local park, but we spent most of the time sitting by Rattlesnake Creek. I could not believe how cold the water is still. It’s running right off the snow fields, I guess. Behind us was a tall grove of trees filled with chickadees.  There must have been a dozen in there all chattering away. I could hear them despite the noise of the creek.  I usually see belted kingfishers here but I bet they were resting in the shade out of sight. It was a pretty cool place to be on a hot day.  This is not the best photo as I took it with my phone. Hopefully we’ll be out on the water again soon and I will have more lake shots this weekend. Summer time and the livin’ is easy….


Slow August Sunrise


The sunrise over the Missions this morning was slow and subtle – unlike the month of August around here. I was up early so I felt compelled to step out on the porch and get a shot of the clear, blue morning taking shape in the east over the mountains. This morning was a respite and a reminder: In the next couple of weeks when school is back in session and the tourists all leave, then things will quiet down.  You can feel the end of people’s vacation time poking its annoying little stick in the back. However, since that means more open space and quiet water for us, then … oh well. I really should be more sympathetic but I am looking forward to having things back to normal.

There is much time left to enjoy summer’s rich offerings.  Below a shot of Salmon Lake during a quiet moment about three weeks ago. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you all to report unruly, dangerous or eco-damaging behavior by boaters on lakes or rivers.  Your voice counts and the park service or ranger districts need to know about your observations.  They cannot be everywhere at once; especially in the summer.


Visiting the lily pad


It is water lily time! This is a shot of Lake Mary Ronan from the far end away from the boat launch. It is such a sweet time of the year to visit this part
of the lake. The birds are all done nesting and no one was disturbed or sent squawking during the photographing of these lilies. We try to be pretty respectful of their space. After all, it is their watery world we are visiting.  Matthew took these two photos while we paddled against a side wind which sent us drifting into the reeds on several occasions. The breeze actually felt good with the hot sun overhead.


You can see Matthew is having to work with the wind in his canoe. He dropped the seat down two inches a few weeks ago to make it more stable in windy situations.

He can also use the kayak paddle to gain a little momentum when he needs it.