Time for Paintbrush

The Indian Paintbrush is late this year, as are most flowers and plants.  Here is a shot of one beautiful bloom I took near Ashley Lake last weekend where were were kayaking.  I didn’t see many of them but these were growing near a small stream.


Sweet moments

The vows and the rings stop time just for a moment.  Can this man be my little boy? Could that woman be their little girl? I think there might be a song in that…


Our friend Steve, Alasdair, Matthew and I played an original piece for three ukuleles and bass which we composed for the ceremony.

Signed, sealed and delivered. They are well married!  These photos by Rhonda Jensen


These are my famous peacock feather stockings. This Mama still has it goin’ on, what? Check them out on Etsy; made by a couple in Tel Aviv. Note: the peacock feathers were a theme; pretty much everyone wore a feather in their corsage or hair.

C & ! #1 2011 logo mat-1
Congratulations to Ian and Caitlin!  This photo by Al Kajin

An ideal location

The rehearsal dinner for our son’s wedding was held in the backyard of friends outside of Helena. The grounds are surrounded by huge, old willows. There was abundant shade for a party and lots of space for the kids to run. Just a few weeks prior their lawn and basement had been flooded by high creek run-off. The week of the wedding there had been multiple downpours but it was dry enough Friday night to host the dinner. It was not a place for high heels since the ground was very soft. It was causal wear and time for a BBQ picnic! Yum!  Everyone had a good time, I think. We fed about 34 people.

We certainly appreciated all the hard work it took to host the party. Thank you, thank you!


There might have been a slight case of wedding nerves that evening. Ian Caitlin were pretty cool, but  I certainly was feeling it! Everyone got enough to eat and drink and it didn’t rain! I’d say it was a success. The food, catered by best man # 2 – Nik’s parents, was delicious.


The grounds were so lovely. Here the trampoline is empty but a few minutes prior it was a very popular spot for the children.

Ian & Caitlin, July 16

Lyon Wedding 186

Our son was married about 6 pm on Saturday to a wonderful young woman we adore. As mother of the groom I must say it was one of the most lovely weddings I’ve ever attended. Visually it was a stunning scene; they exchanged vows under a grove of Russian Olives on a warm July day with meadowlarks singing in the background. More pictures coming up but this one is hot off the press. This is the wedding party directly following the ceremony.

Congratulations to the family’s beautiful newlyweds!  (Photo by our friend Rhonda Jensen).

Notes from our summer front

The Mission Valley Ukulele Group had a party a couple weeks ago. It was a BBQ potluck mixed in with a lot of fun. We had seventeen people all gathered around playing and singing at our friends’ place at the end of town. What a wonderful evening. In the background are the Missions. Thanks, Caitlin for the photo!


We took a kayak /canoe overnight camping trip to Lake Alva and the Clearwater River this last week to celebrate our Silver wedding anniversary. We ended up finding Shangri La on the river. As we silently paddled up river we sighted more birds than I could count and heard the bird calls of even more. The loons on the lake were the most vocal.  I took this photo with my Verizon phone.

Soon we will be celebrating our son’s wedding this coming weekend. The lists are long but things are getting done.

Sometimes a girl just has to get away and take pictures of horses out in the field.Clearwater-horses

Guess what my fortune cookie said last night…

Oh Boy!  I hope your summer is all you want it to be! Mine sure is.

fortune cookie