Wild Lupine

Last week we were astounded at the fields of wild Lupine blooming everywhere we seemed to go. Yes, I mean fields of it! This glade seemed to extend way back into the forest. This was taken near Lubreck Research Center on Highway 200. Pine and Lupine. Now why am I not surprised they compliment each other perfectly?



Out & about in June

As preparations for our son’s wedding intensify my time here has been limited. However, there are some things that I just cannot let pass – like the wildflowers which have been quite abundant so far this season. I haven’t taken time to identify this plant.


And, the ever yellow Balsam Root.


Glacier Lily taken a few weeks ago. These are gone now except in the high country.
glacier lily

Here we are at the B & B checking out the grounds where the wedding will be held. A gorgeous day last weekend – Ian and Matthew strolling about the front entrance.
A stroll

Back in the saddle again

2011-06-12_12-28-01_971 (1)

We’ve been kayaking on Flathead several times over the last few weeks – in between rain showers. Yesterday was no exception; we dodged the rain clouds off and on all day long, but for the most part we lucked out! Yellow Bay on the east shore of Flathead was the calmest place we could find and there was hardly anyone there. A couple of young men decided to take the plunge off the dock while we ate our lunch. I watched with amusement since the temperature has to be uncomfortable for swimming. There were some hoots and wows and then they both swam back to the dock and that was that. Yup.

I’ve been sticking to the little kayak right now due to back problems. I’m in PT so hopefully I can get back to canoeing as well. Kayaking seems to work fine. We hope to have Raven Canoe out before too long. June is here and I’m sure summer will be along shortly. Right?

Doesn’t Matthew look like he’s having fun? Yeah, it was great day to be on the lake at Yellow Bay. (I took this with his Droid; not a bad little camera for a phone.)

Rising River ~ SWF


It’s really raining hard here in western Montana.  All the streams, rivers and lakes are full and rising still. A couple will reach flood stage today. We still have a lot of snow in the mountains too. This is the Flathead River just before it spills over Kerr Dam. See other photos of the Dam below.  Only twice since the Dam was built have all the gates been wide open. Thank you to all who make Sky Watch Friday possible.