Rain is beautiful

Okay, I admit I have been complaining a tad about the cool, wet spring we’ve been subjected to.  I also concur that the flooding in Montana is a bit frightening.  There are lots of people worried about their property taking on water or worse damage occurring from all the spring run-off.  Eastern Montana has had torrents of rain the last few weeks.  Six inches all at once in Billings, for example.

However water — rain in particular is sacred stuff around here, even if it comes all at once. It’s gorgeous out there. The Mission mountains are almost glowing.  Here is a shot I took last Friday afternoon on Watson Road.  A friend and I went for a short ride looking for baby owls. We didn’t find any baby owls but oh, the scenery was worth it.


And this rain-stuff certainly makes the garden grow. Now we just need a little sun to help those strawberries along! Maybe June will bring the sunshine we all yearn for right now. Bring it on!

Kerr Dam


About five miles outside of Polson, MT; Kerr Dam is situated on the Flathead River.  Flathead Lake is still rising and nearly full. I have never seen the Dam this high.  The plume of spray itself is impressive; you can see it well before the Dam comes into view. And to think the snow in the mountains is still very deep. Oh boy.


The local paper said the Dam is releasing around 60 something billion gallons of water a day.

Small things matter


This is a lesson for me in building community. How many live critters are crammed together here in this colony? Mussels muscling in on any available space but watch out for the little ones!  They all seem to get along.


Take time to give thanks for a quiet moment. This is a rare opportunity for a Finch – having the bird feeder all to oneself.

Bird seed! My favorite! Hey thanks…


And I’d say this little, coastal flower I found nestled in the sea grass pretty much says it all.  It is perfect just the way it is. Fragaria chiloensis or sand strawberry.

Blue Horizons


This post is for our son, Ian, who is graduating today from Carroll College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and a minor in Physics with a focus on Engineering. May you always have open waters and blue horizons in your future, son! We are so proud of you. Well done ~~~~  E=MCsquared!

The ocean is our mother

Let’s shake ~ hands, arms, or tendrils?  A giant friend we met on the beach in the tide pools at low tide just wasn’t sure about me. Life finds a place in every little nook and cranny. I never tire of the ocean, and it had been over a year since we made our pilgrimage to visit Mother Pacific at Easter break.


I was impressed at how clean the beaches are in Oregon. Matthew and I picked up several items of plastic trash at Smuggler’s Cove which had washed in but we didn’t see trash left behind from surfers or beach-goers, even though the day before this entire beach had been extremely busy. With a marvelous little hike down through the rain forest, alongside a rushing stream to the beach, I can see why it is a popular spot for surfers.

I sometimes envy the sea birds who get to spend their whole lives flying up and down the beaches.