Love is our home

A snapshot of our weekend taken at Carroll College in the Science building.  Our youngest turns 19 today (bottom, center) and our oldest (top, right) is graduating in May and  will also be married in July to this lovely young woman.  Where does the time fly to?  It is bewildering.  Yet, we are always connected in our hearts and love is that timeless place we call home.


Cold wind Buddha in Montana

It’s been ages since I posted anything on Quiet Paths.  I apologize.  I’ve been trying to get my parents back on track these last many weeks.  My Dad broke his hip before Christmas and walked around on it (painfully) for six weeks before we acquired a second opinion and the doc immediately took an X-ray. The first doctor did not bother with such a curious exercise.  X-rays were out of his league, I guess.   It was rough going for awhile when my Dad couldn’t drive, but he is better now and I have some more time.


All that aside, spring is nudging itself into our neck of the woods very slowly.  We now have no snow on the ground.  That’s a big change!  This afternoon, on our way home from Missoula, Matthew and I stopped to see the Buddha near Arlee. It is still storming in the mountains and very gray but the colorful flags made a wonderful contrast to the landscape. It just made me happy to see this.  All this situated out in the middle of a hay field.  It’s actually quite wonderful in this setting.  The flags seemed to be gathering all the color into that space, while all around us the wind blew.

The Great Mother didn’t have too many garments on to cut the wind; I still am wearing my ski jacket!. I wanted to put it on the altar but I decided to keep it.  Brrr.

There was no one around; just us and the Buddha statues.  Peace, in a hay field. Namaste!