Vintage Uke?

Not vintage! This is a new addition to our instruments since Matthew ended up selling off all the other sopranos. We needed something to replace ours, and since we are Ohana dealers we can pick and choose styles fairly easily – instruments come and go quite casually around here.  We purchased a couple different styles to try them out, and asked Ohana to hand pick a soprano which was LOUD:  This is a Jumbo Shrimp of willow sides and cedar top; it is probably the sweetest sounding soprano Ukulele I’ve heard so far. It has a very wide and open range.  It’s a keeper as far as I am concerned. I love it.

Jumbo shrimp Ukulele

What a winter!

This is our sunset a few nights ago when it was really quite frigid. We’ve had a lot of that cold, snow, and ice since November. Just like most of the other states here up north.  The whole shebang of a winter, and then some. My grandparents led a very difficult life in eastern MT trying to survive on the prairie, but at least they had sunshine once in a while.  What is that light, sunshine-y stuff anyway? I scarce remember -the sun sets in the evening and performs a most colorful light show every now and then, but that is really all we see of it most of the time.