Sounds from the past


This photo is of one of our little banjo ukuleles in the studio. It has the sweetest sound and the funniest appearance. A friend of ours wondered if we would get more banjo-ukes if we stuck the ukuleles and Matt’s big, old banjo in the closet overnight together. What do you think? This instrument is from the 1920’s.

Our second annual ukulele class begins on Monday evening for the continuing adult education series. Our first class (about 10 regulars) from last winter is still playing with us each week as a jam session. They are getting good. This year our beginner’s class has grown to more than capacity, so it will keep both Matt and I moving fast, to keep everyone in tune! Our classes are geared towards adults who have never played an instrument or don’t think they are musical, although we get a few people who simply want to play with others or really wish to learn the ukulele. I’ve never seen so many smiles all in one room. It’s a transforming experience and I feel honored to be a part of it. All of sudden these folks realize that they are musical and wow – I am playing! It is really neat.

The Chief

Chief Cliff across from where my folks live. The gray days of January must be getting to everyone.  Still isn’t this a beautiful scene?  White snow, gray sky, white snow on gray…. filtered light on snow. Gray rock walls with snow.  Okay, there IS variety in winter!