The last day of the year 2010


Our Red Raven canoe sits on her perch in our back yard blanketed by the latest snowfall.  We never had time to drive her up north and into the old church sanctuary before the big snows hit. We kind of like having her near by, actually. She needs one of the thwarts repaired before Spring anyway.

Below:  Twilight chores at the end of the year.  Our son, Ian, graciously helps shovel out the driveway. We were grateful and happy for some awesome family time during the Holidays. The really bad weather gave us an excuse to just be quietly at home.


May your New Year be filled with a lingering hint of the familiar and all the exciting stuff a new year can bring. (I am not talking material stuff, however.) As a friend said: with gratitude I remember; with faith and anticipation I look forward to what lies ahead. God bless us, every one.

Snow falling

Snow falling hard in our front yard outside while our son Ian plays the piano inside. We’ve had some blizzard conditions in western Montana today. I am not sure how much is out there now; probably 12 inches at least. We’ve shoveled three times and that was after our friend plowed the driveway once this morning.  What a a way for 2010 to sing its swan song.


Winter Solstice 2010


My brother, Barry, did this art piece last summer. It is a huge rock with gold leaf inlay. We were walking around his shop on Saturday and found the stone outside in the snow.   For some reason I thought this piece was in Missoula, so it was a surprise to see it so remarkably adorned outside. We considered this a most appropriate photo for this winter solstice. Tonight is a total lunar eclipse as well – the likes which will not be seen again until 2485.  Please follow the link and read more about this amazing longest night of the year. I hope Barry sees his stone from New Jersey! He and his wife are on the east coast visiting family for Christmas. Happy Solstice bro’ and Janet!  And, a very happy Solstice to all of you friends out there! (Face/palm: Ok, the eclipse was last night!)

Hills of snow


Hills of snow amid mountains of rock. These piles of snow plowed up on top of Look Out Pass are far taller than we are standing next to them. It’s amazing how much snow they represent. And now the Pass has received another nearly 2 feet of snow since we were up there on Friday. Oh boy!  Below is a twilight photo of the Clark Fork facing towards Paradise. This is looking the other direction from the two previous photos.  The river flowing towards its sister river, the Flathead.


First tracks


These were taken yesterday at Lookout Pass with Matt’s Droid. It was very foggy, very snowy, with deep, deep powder. Not bad for the first ski of the season for us. In some places I even was able to make first tracks although I am not the best deep powder skier. I went splat a couple times…  The Droid phone doesn’t do a bad job. It really did look like this; a very black and white day.