Flathead River & Standing Stones

A scene looking downriver towards the town of Paradise along the Flathead River.  During the weekend we didn’t have any snow but it has been snowing here in western MT all day. You can see the storm clouds building in the west. This meander along the river is a favorite of mine. The towering hills remind me of castles built out of the rock.


However, along the river Matthew was busy building his own version of a castles via stone stacking right on the shore.  The rocks are sharp and angular here in this spot and not at all smooth like in some places so they are pretty ideal for stacking.  The stone stacker just needs to find that perfect little niche or crack and then add a little balance…


The wind was blowing hard, so who knows how long these will remain upright – precariously balanced. Sort of sounds like life.


Foot bridge


All the colors of the evening right before us at the Bison Range foot bridge.

Some people walk with both eyes focused on their goal: the highest mountain peak in the range, the fifty-mile marker, the finish line. They stay motivated by anticipating the end of the journey. Since I tend to be easily distracted, I travel somewhat differently–one step at a time, with many pauses in between. –HANNAH NYALA,

Crab apples


There are few things in nature that go to waste. Actually, I cannot think of anything off-hand. Crab apples we generally do not eat although my Mom often uses them to make one fine jelly. And, you don’t even have to add pectin. However, this year saw an abundance of apples in the orchard so she didn’t make crab apple jelly. Instead, they are hanging around simply because of their beauty.

November light ~ SWF

The light wanes and shadows become longer and more obvious earlier in the evening. In western MT winter approaches in small, careful steps. Join in on fabulous sky watching at Sky Watch Friday.


Storm clouds race across the sky nearly every day. Photo below is the Rankin Building on the U of M campus. This is one of the older structures at the University.


Around Missoula


We had a couple walks around the city of Missoula over the weekend. We shop there some and our son lives there now so we are visiting plenty. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Missoula mostly because of its richly varied, urban forest.  Above is a statue at the U of Montana of Senator Mike and Maureen Mansfield which stands outside the Mansfield Library where I used to study. Below is the Rattlesnake creek in Greenough Park where the creek still runs through it! We always see Belted Kingfishers here. Unfortunately they always fly just a bit ahead of you scolding loudly, and we couldn’t catch him fast enough on camera.

Here is a corner of the campus where I used to walk. Imagine that old beer bottle is still there in the statue’s hand!  Just kidding, as this piece is a new addition to the campus art display.