We're all cousins

Well, except for the two guys. Those are the husbands of the cousins. From Sept. 11 cousins’ reunion in Moses Lake, WA. I just love this photo. We all laughed until our sides were sore. The gift of family. ( I was kneeling. No, I am not that little!) And, if you ever drive through Moses Lake, WA, check out the BBQ Depot. What a wonderful place to eat! My cousins own it!


The Queen comes home

We started on our first stage of remodel of the Silver Queen Vintage 1966 camper yesterday by tearing out the floor. This meant removing two layers of glued-on floor tile.  The bottom layer was the original tile and boy was it glued in there well!  It was especially difficult to pry up in the high traffic areas.  We plan to put down a vapor barrier and install cork flooring which is on order from Lowe’s. The cork will provide some insulation and also give us a cushier feeling when we walk on it, since we don’t wear shoes inside.

Here is Queenie in our driveway.  We were able to go over her with a discerning eye yesterday morning to ascertain just what we want to do first.  The paint is flaking off on the inside and there are a couple soft spots on the floor.  The outside will have to wait for cleaning and polishing until we make the inside cozier.


It took a hammer to pry off the tile in some places.  Here I am bent over in a labor of love.

Vintage 1966 Silver Queen Camper

Queen out

I have been so out of the loop these past two weeks. There are simply too many projects going on here at Quiet Paths. This being one of them…. our new 16 foot vintage camper we found up north of us near Glacier Park for sale. We sold the Scamp about five weeks ago. I know, I know, that was a hard decision but we decided it was just too small. This Queen we will slowly make into something lovely. She is very clean and very usable as she is but the paint job has to go and the floor tile needs to be replaced.

Here is a shot of the inside.  It has all of the original appliances and I can bake cookies if I want to.

I’ve missed all of you and will be around to say hi ASAP.

Queen Inside

Water Jewels

stones in water

Near the shore on Flathead Lake,
the best rocks shimmer under the surface
while the water reflects back late summer sun
and plovers hop along beside me on a rough run.

I like finding stones while drifting in my kayak
to look at them, but then carefully place
the brightly colored jewels back in the lake
to their rightful spot in the water mosaic.