Rain or shine

It’s going to rain, isn’t it? Ah, I wanted to haz a picnic!


This is our cat Finn who is looking unnecessarily morose. Come on, Finn – cheer up. We can have a picnic in between rain showers.  Tomorrow we’re going to try a leisurely hike, rain or shine. No, you don’t have to go. You can stay at home and eat Greenies.

Day Trips ~ Kerr Dam

This is spring break week for us here in western Montana.  Since the temperature was in the 60’s we decided to take a short drive today out to Kerr Dam on the Flathead River and on the way back we picked up some bark for landscaping in our back yard.  Day trips are about all I can manage at the moment but I am out walking quite a bit and feeling pretty well! Thank you again for all the kind and wonderful messages.

Here is a view of the Flathead River from above the dam and the Mission Mountains to the east. Some people were asking how long the snow will last in the mountains.  Usually there is snow there well into June but this year I wouldn’t dare to guess given our warm, spring weather.  We have a week of blustery, rainy weather ahead (of course we do – given it is spring break!) so hopefully the Missions will get another good layer of snow up there.


The stone path ~ OSI

Smooth stones lie on a foot path leading
broom thickets to each side
and pungent flowering Jasmine interlaces
among dark branches.
The spring soil is soft with rain.

This weary trail leads to a place of prayers
built long ago
where spirits chant or moan
near chipped rock walls.
Ghost footsteps mark the centuries gone
among the miniature wild flowers growing
here and there, barely perceptible.

If stones and flowers could speak.

Great carved doors
too large,
creak and groan, open facing seaward.
The people worshiped here
a blend of old land gods
and the cross.
Wooden rails, coming and going,
are worn smooth like glass
by hands,
by fervent bows and supplication.

Outside the wind never stops –
the ancient messenger
breathes, whispers of so many voices
now carried out to sea.


The prompt this week at One Single Impression is “Aura”.  This prompt was a tough one for me. Thanks for the challenge and to all the poets!

Change despite lies

I’m not sure if anyone noticed but something happened last night in the House of Representatives which has not had such far-reaching social consequences since the 60’s and the Johnson administration.  I am grateful this morning for the courage of these men and women despite the lies and terrible hate-talk thrown into the path of reform.

On the behalf of all those who have no health coverage – Thank You.  Finally.

“For now, the significance of the vote is moving the United States FROM a system in which people can assume they will have health coverage IF they are old enough (Medicare), poor enough (Medicaid), fortunate enough (working for an employer that offers coverage, or able themselves to bear expenses), or in some other way specially positioned (veterans; elected officials)… TOWARD a system in which people can assume they will have health-care coverage. Period.”   James Fallows


Pondering Spring

Winter was rather a bust around here insofar as skiing season is concerned. It didn’t snow much and it became way too warm, too quickly. And now that I am post-surgery I really cannot go until next season as I am limited in physical activities for the next five weeks.  So, Matthew carted the box of ski clothes down to the basement and I reluctantly put away the helmets and the ski pants. I feel rather sad about that but I have lovely memories of the three trips we did manage out on the slopes.  Not nearly enough skiing but good times nonetheless.

There is no sense wasting sunny days feeling bad about stuff that didn’t work out because now it’s very, very near springtime and the water on Flathead Lake looks mighty inviting.  Cold, icy-cold water it is and the bays are still white with ice, but oh so beautiful to gaze upon.  It is too cold for the Red Raven canoe but we can cast off our thoughts into the next month and dream, can we not?

Never, ever take the gift of an early Spring for granted in Montana!

March lake

The best things

spring flowers smile
left on the kitchen table
welcome me home
flowers coming home

The best things are people who care about you. Thank you for all your messages the last few days, friends. If words could be flowers, then your comments boosted my spirits as did these plants which friends and family gave me the other day.

The best thing about staying overnight in the hospital is that you can get in the car the next day and be taken HOME. Each day I am becoming more fit for sure! I am now pretty much off the pain meds and regaining some stamina. I’m glad that’s over with! All should be well soon.

Head Nurse's Official Report


For our readers… as you may have noticed it’s been several days since Christine has posted. She’s presently recuperating (quite nicely) from surgery earlier this week.  After an over-night in the hospital, she’s back home and snuggled down quite comfy in bed. Blogging under the influence of pain-meds is ill-advised at best though, so she’s taking a bit of a break. At any rate, stay tuned…



Feeding time

One bright spot in the day of a range cow is the daily feeding hour. As soon as the tractor entered the field there was a neat line forming. This photo I took on the morning of a funeral for the father of this ranch family in the valley where my folks live. Jack established the ranch many decades ago as a young man and now his son and grandchildren will run the operations. Life goes on and the chores have to be done regardless of what happens back at the ranch house.  I bet that’s the way old Jack would have wanted it.

feeding cattle