Strummin' in the sunshine


This is our son Alasdair who sat in the back of our Honda Fit yesterday in the sunshine playing his new tenor Ukulele. Silly me, I forgot our camera so I took this shot with my phone.  I think he should have set out a little tin cup in case someone wanted to toss in a bit of change for the Busker. It was a glorious, sunshine filled weekend! We had a chance to sit around and play music with our two sons as well – it doesn’t get much better.

Returning Light

This is way beyond a rich Merlot
the quiet flavor of summer ripened grapes
the deep, dark color of something so good
it makes your heart do a double beat

or more than
the cold splash of creek water on my face
at dusk after a long paddle in the canoe
right before I collapse into my warm bed
by the campfire of love and contentedness.

This is light – blessed be,
I hungered after you
twelve long winter weeks
you make me want to be a better person

and embrace everything, everyone
right now
you sun, are not even
hardly near enough yet, but still
I will kiss your blazing lips and burn
my sorry self right up.


Gold ~ OSI


the seasons changing
late winter or early spring
in between raindrops

your head on my heart
never was someone so loved
the red crocus blooms

twelve ukuleles
unique opportunity
rings on fingers flash
golden Uke

whipping up batter
a Shrove Tuesday tradition
gold-colored flap jacks

Ukulele magic

This is my tenor Ukulele which I think is pretty much the cat’s pajamas (no offense to our cats or to what they wear).  Yesterday I was headed out the door with it in its case and my friend, who runs the beauty salon two doors down from us, scurried out the shop’s front door with her little soprano Ukulele in hand and called:  “Where are you headed?”  I answered back from across the street: “To the after-school program!”.  Then, after noticing the Uke in her hands, I asked her:  “Are you practicing?”  Rhonda answered back with a wide grin:  “Yes, and my fingers are sore!”

Rhonda is part of our newly-formed adult Ukulele class which we teach every week over at the library.  The class has been an enlightening education for Matthew and I as all of the participants in our class of ten have no former musical training and don’t play any instruments prior to the Uke (with the exception of one gentleman who has done some singing and a lady who took piano lessons).  We are entering our fifth week of classes and the enthusiasm has been heart-warming.

Matthew and I don’t understand what it is like to live most of one’s adult life sans playing an instrument.  Watching their immediate progress with the Uke has created a kind of epiphany for us, the teachers.  Most of these people came into the class proclaiming:  “I have no musical talent.  I just want to learn something!” Wow – are they ever learning! These people are an inspiration and we all leave the evening class with big smiles on our faces.  Stories such as ours are playing themselves out all over the place.  There truly is a huge, resurgence of interest in this wonderful little instrument all over the world. Playing the Ukulele is magical!

tenor Ukulele

Frost line ~ SWF

Our sky is not very interesting right now but the mountains are lovely! This is a shot of the eastern sky and the  southern Missions from the road way.  The odd line is frost and snow from the clouds which were hanging low for many long days.  This was a lucky moment to see the mountains for a few minutes.  Sky Watch Friday is here.

Sunlit days are rare
snow clouds tightly clutch blankets
fog gods reign supreme

misty winter Missions

Living in clouds

There has been a noticeable absence of  photography on this blog for many days.  Mostly, it is a simple lack of opportunity or substance.  In part, it is my own silent protest against the lack of sunlight.  I keep thinking that today is the day the sun will come out, but that has been a futile hope, especially when I bother to glance at the forecast – then it is certainly dashed.  This is week four (4) of living in clouds. I hear rumors of sunshine over on the other side of the mountains, but even on the east side the sunshine has been short-term only. By the time I’d get over the Divide it would have vanished for sure.

The grayness of the gray clouds shroud the gray mountains under the gray sky.  I like the color gray….  I do!

gray winter sky

So yesterday it snowed a tad and the clouds surprised me by lifting just a bit off the mountains. But like I have mentioned before – it’s pretty beautiful around here in the winter  (in its own bleak way).  Ah, but our gray days are getting longer. And, the distant sun lingers just long enough so that I notice certain beauties in its dim light.  I am now going to get cozy with my light box…

Juniper berries