Crown of the Continent

A new friend who lives in Arizona recently called to ask me if he could set some of our music to a video he shot last October of the Flathead Lake area and Glacier Park.  I said: Yes! He put his video up on YouTube today so here it is.  I really like it. Thank you Wayne, for letting us be a part of your lovely short film.  (About six minutes long.)  What a great way to step out of this month and into February.  Soon it will be hiking season again.  There is plenty of snow here to be seen however!


An unquiet America


Our vanishing quiet spaces.

Audio ecologist Gordon Hempton speaks wisely about America’s vanishing quiet places, and how our lives can be enriched by listening to the silence.   “Besides spending time away from the damaging noise impacts present at our workplace, neighborhoods, and homes, we are given the opportunity not only to heal but discover something incredible—the presence of life, interwoven!”

rainforest OP

My photos from the west coast – Lake Ozette and Cape Alava Trail Loop July of last year.

On the ski hill

I promised a ski photo or two from last Sunday.  I forgot my backpack so I didn’t want to take the camera on the lift.  Can you imagine the horror should I drop it from way up there? I’d never live it down.  No sir. Thus, I only got shots this time from the bottom of the hill. By the time I decided I’d had my last run it had started to snow.  Not the best photo but this is looking up the hill from Lift 1.  Snow conditions so far this year are passable but not great.  The skiing was still tons of fun.  I am hoping that February will bring the epic snow storm we need.  Otherwise it might be a dry summer.


Here is our son Aly (R) riding the lift up.  The perspective is screwy but this run is high, narrow and steep.  I don’t do that one.  It is usually more like a luge.
Aly life


driftwood magnus

On the morning
after you passed on
I made blueberry pancakes
for my family, for comfort,
and because you would
have liked them.
I celebrate your good life lived
in joy.
I love you, Jane.

May light perpetual shine upon her.

January Green

one foot outdoors
regarding gray sky, white snow
green moss on wet bark

moss on bark

January is not totally devoid of color around here; you have to gather it up where it appears on site. Would I have even noticed this splendid display had it not been for the dominating themes of gray and white in winter? Sometimes quite the opposite of dull is found. Now this is GREEN! Let’s hear it for Miss Moss on willow tree bark.

Then again, maybe it’s best just to sit indoors with a nice, hot cup O’ Something at the table of a family member and chat about “stuff”.  This view is very colorful too – and warmer.  I hope you find some green in your January weekend!

Right now it is finally snowing again.  Tomorrow is a ski day we hope – so look for more pictures from on top of the mountain!

Chandler table

On the ice or under

Clark Fork2

The frozen Clark Fork River looking west in the opposite direction of a similar photo posted two days ago. This scene reminds me a little of that Kate Bush song about skating on a river which has frozen over on itself.  You can listen to it here – Under Ice – it is only a couple minutes long. I always got goose bumps from this song and not in a good way, but I think that is exactly what she intended for the song to do. We have had a bit of an air inversion all over western Montana the last few days.  A blanket of fog and no sun means no fun!  My brother informed me that he likes that closed in feeling if he has a good book and a nice cup of tea on hand.  He has a point. But I still say…  (not my bridge art).


Chaos ~ OSI

A crescent moon lingers in the western sky
pausing a moment
to survey twilight’s delicate trace of mountains
snow covered shadows in the dark.

We are driving home removed
from the messages on the telephone –
the duties of the next day
are still somewhere else
not here.

We are always in motion.

The stillness of empty fields
of star light on frozen ponds
invokes a charm upon the whirl of tires
dampens the road noise of an uneven, uncertain week.

Friends, family, events chatter in my head
but mostly I hear you – see you
playing harp for Jane at her bedside
on the second floor of the farmhouse
at the end of a narrow lane
at the close of a long struggle –
the harp resonates, unobtrusive
we are praying music
calm in the eye of chaos.

One Singe Impression is a wonderful gathering of poets. Thank you to all contributors there.