Pumpkin Curry Soup

baked pumpkin

There is no substitute for a hearty soup on a cold Autumn day.
Here is my recipe:

2 teaspoons minced garlic
1 teaspoon chili pepper
3 teaspoons curry powder
8 cups of chopped, roasted pumpkin; pureed in the blender
5 cups of chicken broth (or vegetable broth for vegetarian option)
1 large carrot chopped finely
1 diced yellow or sweet onion chopped finely
salt and pepper to taste (I use a lot of black pepper)

~~Combine in a pot and simmer for two hours stirring occasionally
add small pieces of chicken or tofu if you wish, then add:

1 cup of previously mashed potatoes
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/4 cup heavy cream

Experiment with the brown sugar and heavy cream if you prefer your soup richer and sweeter.
The pumpkin I used from my garden was already pretty sweet. Try not to hard boil the soup after
the cream is added; simmer some more and serve.

Autumn on the Flathead River

flathead 2

Along the Flathead River near Paradise, the department of Fish and Game built a new river access point over the summer. We were walking there last week watching the storm clouds move in over the western mountains.  This part of the river often gets very rough due to the winds blowing east through that gap (you see in the photo below) against the current, making for some impressive chop.  I have been out on this portion years ago and it was a very bumpy ride. Soon this beach will have ice mixed in with the long pine needles washed up on the shore.  It really was a very windy and dark day considering this stroll was in the early afternoon; it looks like dusk in the photo below.

Flathead river2

Right along the shoreline we discovered Beavers had been at work on the small alders growing there.  This is some major tooth work! You can click these to enlarge.This seemed to be a favorite spot for them to hang out; I can see why – there is plenty of lovely river shore.  I have yet to see one of these beavers; sometimes I think I have spotted one in the water, but not on this day.

beaver handiwork 2


Elusive ~ OSI

Calypso Orchid
in spring never discovered
now it is winter

brown viola
merrily playing folk tunes
music from trees


rhythm inside my head

counted out loud

still not right

mossy path

forest walk
heaven’s footpath
suddenly gone

Please don’t be elusive and join in the poetry at One Single Impression. Thank you to all the poets there for their fine poetry and site maintenance.

Old Church

church outsde

I realize after reading some of the comments you all left regarding the old church, see post below, that I should have included a photo of the external portion of the building. This view is from the county road.  I believe I posted a photo a couple years ago of the church but this photo is current surrounded by the old growth Ponderosa Pines, some of which have been on the property for longer than any of us.

Thank you very much for your insights, reflections and ideas regarding this old place.  My folks are very hestitant to really alter the building in any way since a few of the old timers in the community have a real attachment to it as a church.  However, you set my mind spinning since at some point we will have to decide what to do with the old church.

Church Canoe

Proctor church

This old country church has stood unused for a long while next door to my parents’ property at Proctor.  My folks had a chance to buy it many years ago and now people in the valley occasionally will ask if they can use it for a wedding, but otherwise it stands empty. At least the sanctuary gets a good, sporadic cleaning that way although presently it looks a bit dusty. There is an outhouse in the back which is non-functioning.  My brother and a friend put a new roof on it several years ago and a little paint… other than that, it has been as it always has over the long years.

pump organ

These old buildings seem a bit sad to me; sometimes when I come in here I imagine to hear the singing of old hymns and the pump organ playing. The organ is in good shape and all the reeds still function just fine. This seems like a creative place to store the Red Raven for the winter, don’t you think?  Somehow it brings just a little bit more life back into the church.  An alternate title to this post could be: The Red Raven gets Religion.

church canoe

Meandering sky ~ SWF

bean lake2

These were taken at the junction to the 18 mile road below Roger’s Pass on the east side last week.   This view is looking towards the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana off the Bean Lake Road. See more Sky Watch Friday photos and thanks to all those who maintain the site and contribute their beautiful photos of earthly sky.

Meandering leads to perfection.
–  Lao Tzu

4 corners

Bluebird Highway

east windows open
humming a tune to the wind
bluebird highway

Stern's Hollow

I imagine all the bluebirds are migrating now but this is the Stern’s Hollow Road just below Roger’s Pass on the east side headed to Great Falls. This is also known as the Bluebird Highway.  This photo was taken last weekend on one of our road trips to check in on our son (and his sweet heart) who both had the ‘flu.  (They are in the meanwhile getting better but it was a nasty virus.)  Just driving this road makes me feel good, even if I don’t see a bluebird.  It was sixty degrees and we had the windows open even though the wind was blowing like a son of a gun.  Ah, in the spring I’ll be looking for that unmistakable flash of blue feathers flitting from one fence post to another.  For now the blue sky will have to do.

October is suddenly mild

We finally had the leisure and the weather opportunity to take our Red Raven canoe onto Flathead Lake Sunday morning for (most probably) the final paddle of the season.  The lake was calm and the air warm – a golden chance.  I don’t mention the word golden lightly:  Last week we had record crushing, freezing temps which set all the fall colors to the most yucky interesting shade of brown – freezing all the leaves on the trees.  The leaves are still just hanging there.  A few here on this old willow tree and the bushes near the lake shore still maintain their color, but so much for the yellows and reds of Autumn.  We are now waiting for the big fall – a huge Kerlunk perhaps – a giant swoosh as the trees will shed themselves in the next strong wind.  Or not.

Oct canoe

The warm weather respite was indeed welcome as we paddled, venturing out onto the placid water.  There was very little going on;  just the way I like it.

Fall survives

At a nearby Marina, most of the sailboats were being put into dry dock for the winter.  Click these following to enlarge.  That big sail cruiser to the left covered in orange tarps we have often admired as we drive past this bay.  It is a beautiful boat done in green with Teak.  We discovered she is for sale, but honestly a boat that large is total overkill for this lake and also she is going for about 130k – Yikes!.  Well, you know what they say about some boats — they end up being a deep hole in the water into which you pour money.

Never mind, I am still quite content with our modest water transport powered by love and peanut M & M’s. love & M&M's

All the cares of the everyday
just simply melt away.
How sweet it is.

shady cove