Four dimensional horse

We gotta’ spread the geek love around… and around.

Twenty-four seconds of mind-bending reality.  If you glance down at the bottom after this one plays, you will see other short videos to click on and view right here also.  The cube is cool… well actually they all are interesting.


Ian, how do you find these things?

Trailing along ~ that's different!

This is a Compact Junior camper trailer parked in the campground near the lake where Matthew was kayaking last weekend.  It’s cute but even smaller than our 13 footer.  Obviously designed for the maximum amount of closeness on a rainy day.  Click to enlarge.  They have a nice camp spot, I must say. The back door entry affords a bit larger bed in the back I am told, but much less head room.  Too bad they were not at home; we might have had a peek inside.

compact scamp

I took this photo in Polson over the summer.  I’d love to know how these accordions all stack up?  You’ve certainly heard the joke about accordions.. and I can tell this without gumption because I used to play one in a Celtic Band years ago.

What is the sound a tossed accordion plays as it is thrown into the dumpster?


It’s the sound it makes as it lands on the bagpipe.  ~ groan~  Here is another one:

Q: What’s the difference between an accordion and a concertina?
A: The accordion takes longer to burn.

OK, moving on ~~~ this is a very sweet gypsy-style camper wagon on the road with actual live horse in tow.  Er, um other way around!  (I think it’s a horse, it might be a mule.)  I found this photo on the site linked to below.


There are hundreds of photos of caravan campers here. It’s wonderful!  Happy trails, indeed!

Zoe, nearly grown

I’ve had a couple people ask me how Zoe; our new kitten of last winter’s rescue is doing.  So, I managed to grab a couple shots of her in the garden the other day.  She does not like to sit still for long so it was a challenge.  An observation I have made over the summer is that she is an expert tree climber.  She jumps from limb to limb like a monkey and I hate to watch her up there because it gives me the jitters.  She has amazing balance ability so I suppose I should not worry too much.


As you can see she is a classic Mackerel Tabby. I don’t believe we’ve ever had a cat who is so even-tempered and gentle.  I think she has only scratched me once, even during the time when she was much younger and frightened.  Here is a close up of our new sweetie.  She still fetches with much enthusiasm.  Zoe is yet a little flighty around new people but overall she is settling in very well.

zoe summer

Today's Flowers ~ Last Dance

Join us all at Today’s Flowers for blooms from around the world.  My niece Jillian sent me these two photos the other day from her Mother’s garden.  Her Mom is well known for her beautiful roses.  Thank you, Jillian!  Click on the images to see the total beauty.

roselast dance

These asters and zinnias are taking in their last dance because tonight it will most likely freeze. I will miss their vibrant way with the sunshine.

SWF ~ cloud & smoke


Last week we had perfectly clear sky to enjoy under a late summer sun, albeit with a few major clouds building to the west.

fluffy clouds

Today we have smoke from a fire started by arson to the south of us. The fire  is presently around 400 acres, and it has filled our valley with smoke.  This is a shot off the porch in the morning light looking eastward. I guess Montana has its version of the Smoky Mountains too.  *cough*


Natural insulation

IMG_1139~~I really enjoy how leaves in the garden filter the sunlight or cast shadows on subjects. The grapes are just about ready to harvest.  We had a very slight frost two nights ago but not a killing frost, and the days are warm yet.  The thick, broad canopy of grape leaves hide the fruit from the sun and the cold temperatures.  If you have ever fingered a grape leaf you will know they are very spongy as well as quite flat and large.  They make great insulators besides their use in the Mediterranean culture as a wrap for meats and other grilled or baked food.  They usually need to be blanched before you can work with them.  I have one in the garden which is over 10 inches across.

grape leaves

Miss Pink hollyhock is still going strong. I might have to dig in on their hollyhock parade next spring;  I have plants popping up all over the garden now and they have a very tough root system to ensure that the plants survive the winter.

pink holly

Crab apples.


How health care works in Canada

I would like to hear from my Canadian friends if they concur with this analysis of the Canadian Universal Health Care system.  Let’s start hearing the real story from people who actually use the Care Card instead of listening to the distorted lies from the insurance companies and Pharma in the US.  (It’s a long shot that we’ll even get close to this system in our present political go around.)  Read the whole letter here at The Dish.  Gosh, do you think common sense will turn us into a communist country?

Someone in British Columbia has this to say:

For that monthly $54 (and with no additional insurance), I have access to a family doctor whenever I need one, to walk-in clinics where doctors treat individuals on a first-come, first-served basis, and to emergency or standard medical care in hospital. And whether it is a quick diagnosis and prescribed antibiotics for an infected spider bite (me) or radical chemotherapy treatment, months of hospitalization and surgery for life threatening cancer (one of my closest friends) – there are no bills for that care.

You simply present your Care Card where you are receiving treatment identifying you as a resident of the province, and you are entitled to whatever care you need as determined by your doctor – not “the government” and not any insurance company. Of course, this care is not “free”. As Canadian citizens, we all pay for this incredible privilege of universal health care through our taxes, which are slightly higher than in the US. But I think about those MasterCard commercials from a few years back – “Piece of mind knowing that you and your family will never be financially ruined by health care bills? Priceless.” There was a long, hard political fight for universal health care in Canada. Man, was it worth it.

SWF ~ dawn, sunset & clouds

The mountain is silent
impervious heights aloof
to one season stepping aside
for another, but while we stand
at Autumn’s doorstep
the dawn breaks into
feather clouds of sky

tomorrow the fringe of heaven
will wear a shawl of snow.
The sunrise sky this morning out on our front steps; taken with the zoom lens.


I will miss the warm nights and the leisure of this waning summer season.  Let’s reflect on the joys of a calm evening at the lake, lingering on the dock until dark.

Aly Nattie

A Swan Lake song of goodbye to the old season and a greeting to the new with a 40% chance of rain in the forecast and most likely snow for the highest elevations.


Come join us at Sky Watch Friday for more sky photos from all around the world.