Boobie-Thon week

~~~ Wednesday, October 1, will be the start of the annual B00biethon fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research which is now going into its seventh year.  I am volunteering my time this year (not boobies) to help out with the management of the site.  If you feel like donating some money to breast cancer research or perhaps even some artfully photographed bosom shots then here is the place to go —2008 ~~Men and woman both may submit photos throughout the week but we are taking pre-launch photos now.  Our official updating hours are from 8 a.m.-midnight EDT, starting on Wednesday October 1, 2008 and going until midnight EDT on Tuesday October 7, 2008.

Equinox Sky – SWF

This was taken by my husband, Matthew, from our front porch with the big lens on the first night of Autumn.  Tuesday, I posted a similar shot of that same sky but much changed in a matter of seconds from the swiftly moving clouds.  Here, the Mission Mountains cleared briefly in the east before the sun went down.  See other magnificent sky photos from around the globe at Sky Watch Friday!

Rails to Nowhere

This is a stretch of unused railroad near Cascade, Montana. Burlington Northern has not used this portion of the line for a long while. This line used to be very busy transporting goods east – west.  Right now they are utilizing most of this rail line, for approximately 45 miles, to store container carriers along the upper Missouri River. These are long, steel flatbeds used to transport ship cargo containers.  As we drove towards Great Falls we could see the empty cars covering every square foot of the empty line minus the crossroads.  When we were on the river we could see them lined up on the tracks the entire 9.5 miles.  Lovely.  There must be a good chunk of the world’s steel supply tied up in those container carriers just sitting on the tracks.  Word has it they will be there until business picks up for BN again.

Right now the only useful runs made on this railway are from wild animals. We saw a large, red fox running fast down the line while we were kayaking; it was weaving in and out, going on a mission underneath the carriers. I wonder how many birds have decided to make nests along the way?  That is one advantage to the rails lying dormant.

Autumn (OSI)

Impossibly autumn
I still walk through sun warmed days
in bright illusion

darkness approaches
a red hunter’s moon will rise
to shatter this dream

the river sings alto
yellow leaves fall staccato
red stones ripple bass

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My haiga this week reflects a preoccupation with the gathering of Fall.  On our side of the mountains, being so close to the Pacific Time Zone and also far enough north to brush against Canada, we see a dramatic drop in the amount of daylight around the Equinox.  One can’t ignore nature’s silent, yet obvious message.