Tell a really big lie

I was reading Raven’s blog this morning (she lives on the east coast). She was writing how she has been watching nasty campaign ads from the McCain crew over and over on TV. These ads transform wavering notions of subliminal thoughts morphing them from the sublime to the frightening. We don’t get TV at all so I haven’t seen any of these ads yet. I have seen web ads on my Dictionary page and on several other sites which stopped me in my tracks; depicting Obama as a terrorist. Those began several weeks ago and I was disgusted then.

Raven’s post reminded me of how well the Roveites have developed that nasty strategy into a fine art. They make stuff up. Why? The GOP has nothing up their sleeve besides the fear factor? Please just stop. It’s the old WWII tactic — if you are going to tell a lie then tell a really big lie because it will more likely go over in the population. We all need to keep in mind what is happening here – this is not a new way to play dirty politics; it’s been well rehearsed by many repressive governments.

Caution: Run-on sentence ensues: One bright note about the the Presidential polls: a prominent blogger (I now forget where I heard this-oh I know, I’ll just use the Fox News method and announce: “SOME people say…..” throw it out there and not document references – which is so very useful as one can imply anything!) pointed out that most people who are polled these days are older folks with land lines. There is a vast segment of the US population who have gone completely to wireless, who are not being polled. No one has their number. Oh yes. Therefore the polls are skewed towards McCain or documenting a dead tie. The recent polls are really not reflecting reality: E.G.: We got rid of our land line many months ago and only use cell phones — no one has called us to ask our political opinion.

Mermaid news

You can be a mermaid too! If that so last year, boring, saggy swimsuit isn’t doing it for you anymore – you can just zip this on! Or Velcro it to yourself, use waterproof duct tape or however they affix this attire.

Custom-created Mermaid Tails only a couple hundred $$ and you can get all splashy with your own mermaid tail! Watch out though if you have an allergy to latex.  EEEw, feels funny.

“This design does contain latex and other rubber materials. Encased in the tail’s fluke is a mono fin supplied by Finis, inc. which will propel you through the water like all of the marine animals in sea, blending you in with all of your aquatic surroundings. “


~~~~It is a curious thing we’ve discovered during the short time we’ve owned our Scamp is that very often many Scamp owners will go out of their way to make contact with other Scamp owners.  This is a couple who pulled up along side of us in Seeley Lake as we were walking out of the local restaurant a couple weeks ago.  They had a sixteen foot, older Scamp which they had hooked up three weeks prior and were traveling to Whitefish from North Carolina. They were simply moseying along, singing a song and taking in the sites and byways along the way.  They deliberately sought us out as they had met only one other Scamp their whole trip besides us.  They were very enthusiastic Scamp owners and told us a bit of history about their trailer.  Their Scamp had the all wooden interior and also sported a little bathroom.  It had been pulled from Florida all the way to Alaska, taken that distance by the previous owner.  They wanted photos so the man pulled around and re-parked his rig so that the two campers were end to end — we in turn took a picture of this friendly couple in front as well.  It was a fun happenstance.

Sky Watchers

See if you can spot in the above photo a herd of 40 elk in the upper left corner. This photo was taken by our friend Bill Carroll from Colfax, WA a few weeks ago in southwestern Montana at the Cow Camp at Taylor Creek where he used to tend the cattle when he was a young boy. Can you imagine hanging out all by yourself for weeks at a time on this high plateau? (7200 feet in elevation) with only the wind, the cattle, and the dog to keep you company? If it looks like this all the time, swimming in wild flowers and wild life, then I would say ~~~~ Yes, please! Well, maybe not without my sweetie…

This shot below is a capture of the valley and Chief Cliff, up towards Lake Mary Ronan also taken last month. I grew up here, off and on, and spent a lot of time in this place.

Go see other amazing sky photos at the Sky Watch Friday blog.

Indie Dress

~~~ I keep browsing this website  – Design by Humans – trying to decide which Tee is my favorite but I can’t decide.  These are so unusual I thought I’d pass the place onto you so you can be happily indecisive as well. I thought they were cool Tees.   You won’t find these clothes at Target nor at JC Penney’s.  No, I don’t think LL Bean carries the line either….  they almost look  OO Underground Indie, don’t you think?

Thanks to Caitlin for passing along this site to me oh so many months ago.  If it were not for our boys and their certain special people we would not have our middle aged fingertips on the pulse of TREND.  (Yes, you’d better read that line again because it doesn’t say what you think.) We would simply be sitting here in small town Montana unaware of the creative, cutting-edge stream flowing through the outside world.  So thanks to you we’re not left sitting like old-fogey rag dolls at the bottom of the slough but bobbing happily along in the artistic stream, albeit half-submerged like water-logged corks sometimes.

A view of August

silent cattle graze
curlews, doves call to their mates
in golden fields.


This is a dry scene, no? It was taken in the evening near where my in-laws live by Great Falls. This shot is typical of the eastern slopes. Just across the railroad tracks, if you turn around and look the other way you would see the lush river scene I posted yesterday. Here in western MT, we did have a few days of very hot weather and some wayward smoke, but now we are getting a bit of rain and other than a few fires from Idaho we have been blessed with a relatively calm fire season. Those conditions could change in a tick, but for now we are breathing easier than last year around this time.

On the home front: elder son will start his junior year in the school of civil engineering this coming Monday. He will be taking 19 credits and tutoring Math and Physics. That would be busy to the tenth degree. Matthew has been back at work for over a week. Younger son is still mulling over Biology but will soon be starting a new phase of his high school curriculum in Civics and hopefully his photography curriculum will arrive soon.

My Mom is still in the hospital in Missoula in the transitional care unit. So far the infection seems to be hanging on, but we think she is making progress. Most everyone on that floor is bed-ridden and you don’t see much of any other patients. My Mom is quite the exception. Despite her injured wing, she rises each morning and dresses herself, washes, orders breakfast, goes for a walk and waits for the constant interruptions from the doctors, aides and nurses. She has Physical Therapy exercises each day and gets infusions every twelve hours. She doesn’t have much time even for a nap or watching TV. She remains smiling and pleasant with the staff. Only once so far did I see her roll her eyes in frustration. We try and make sure someone is visiting her each day. So far she’s only had one day when none of us could make it into town. Last night Mom and I went for a walk outside the hospital to the fountain and a small park area where they’ve planted lots of native trees and bushes. We sat on the bench which is shielded from the road and sidewalk. It’s tough for her to be confined but she is brave and was grateful to be outside in the fresh air for a few minutes.

Thank you all for continuing to think and pray for her. I am still getting messages and I cannot tell you how much those mean to us all. Note: Mom just told me on the phone they’ve cut her antibiotics in half from 100 cc to 50 cc. Yes!