We are off to the beach

Scamp Trailer ready for the road

We are off. It is early Monday morning and the Scamp is all hooked up and ready to drive. Look for some beach photos about Wednesday sometime from the Olympic Peninsula. We have wireless outside the town library which is easy to access. Last year we parked in front of the building after hours in the pouring rain and posted pics in our car. It was pretty surreal. Geeze, was it raining too. Looks like we’ll have moderately good weather this week. Wish us luck camping with the young peoples. I hope I have enough food. Have a wonderful week and I will catch up with all of you, my blogging friends, upon our return.

My Grandma in college 1911

This photograph Matthew found of my maternal Grandmother in the archives at Rocky Mountain College. It is from 1911 and my Grandma was one of three women in this charter member class at what was then called the Billings Polytechnic. (Second lady down.) She graduated I think in 1913 with a two year degree teaching certificate and then moved to a small town called Sanders to teach at the multi-class school until she married my Grandfather in 1915. I was thrilled to see this photo again. I haven’t been to the campus for over 25 years and I remember seeing it displayed then, but had totally forgotten about it. Neat, huh?  Note:  my Mom just informed me that she sent several of those pictures to the archive many years ago herself.

Fun with body illusion

I love this website because it is unique and varied. These 12 zodiac pieces are, for me, the epitome of body art and a top trick for the eye as well. The artist is Australian born Rudi Everts.  His website has sadly been hijacked, but hopefully that will be fixed soon.  I have seen some tattoo art recently which might rival these pieces in the matter of concept design, but his images are quite fun. Wouldn’t it be interesting to actually wear something like these zodiac signs? Well, not me personally of course. Check out all 12 art pieces. I really like the one for Aquarius, but the Leo piece I had to look at for awhile before I truly ‘got it’. Can you find the body parts in each image?

Deep purple

This is my dark purple lilac which I dearly love. I have heard that this color is quite an old variety of Lilac and one doesn’t see to many of them anymore. All the bushes in our neighborhood are of the light purple variety which we also have two bushes of growing in our front and back yards. The other trait of the dark variety is its scent, which is nearly overwhelming. If you ever need a trip away to Lilac-land just bury your nose in one of those blooms and away you go.

And, I have a chickadee update: last week while it was raining buckets and snowing great big flakes… the little chicks emerged from the bird house and flew away with their parents. The chicks fledge out in about 16 days and are ready to fly pretty much immediately – they are not very good at landing but once they leave the nest they rarely return to it. So, we had the chickadee family around the dogwoods for a few days and then they left, which is what chickadees do after the nesting cycle is complete. The family will stay together for a few weeks and then the chicks disperse. We peeked in the empty nest and it was full of mosses and cushy, soft items. It was a pretty neat arrangement. *whew* Now, I can let the cats out in the back yard without babysitting their every move. They feel less hassled and I can breathe easier.


~~ Summer is in full swing around our house. We are preparing for a camping trip to the coast with our boys and one girlfriend early next week. We just had major maintenance done (an all day job yesterday) on our Honda, which hadn’t been dealt with previously. If you have a Honda remember to do the intervention of replacing the timing belt when you start seeing 90k. Otherwise it could ruin your engine if the belt fails. We actually had all the belts replaced, and the water pump – just in case. It’s a fer piece west.

And… today I learned that I probably will have surgery done sometime this summer. (Women’s issues.) Nothing too terribly serious but it definitely needs to happen. So, after my Dr’s appointment this afternoon I am sitting down with a bad case of brain drain this evening– too many decisions to make, or maybe I simply need to go out in the garden and unwind. Be back soon; won’t be gone long. Gone Gardening….

Transience / permanence via OSI

folded into time

tall cedar groves grow ancient

stones linger eons

aspen leaves float the surface

rainwater to distant sea


ever there

rushing water over stone

which is mightier


The theme this week is transience / permanence which I offered up as a suggestion for prompts a few weeks ago. (I am posting a day early as we have to go out of town. ) I hadn’t intended these two themes to be blended together in one week, but now that I’ve done a little thinking and a bit of haiku research I see it works pretty well. Here is an example from Chiyo-ni Woman Haiku Master; there are a multitude of such haiku in her collections.

a butterfly
in front and back
of the woman’s path

The notion of matter being permanent is interchangeable with the reality of transience. A clear running stream is continuous motion. The stone seems solid but is gradually being worn down by the action of erosion over time and water. Which element is more constant? For me, it is the timeless rushing of water (life itself, perhaps) rushing down to the sea….

See more of these examples from other writers at One Single Impression. Photo by Matthew.

Sky Watchers

We have had a very exciting week rich in interesting sky captures. This image my sweetie took the other night in Missoula as the weather front moved in and stayed for a Montana vacation.

This rainbow our son took a couple nights ago before it turned cold and started to snow. This last one I shot about an hour ago on the front step. All that snow you might have heard about in the news is true! A foot of fresh! Dang, where are my skis? In the basement put away for the season…. wah.  Go to our host Tom at Wigger’s World for more Sky Watch Friday photos.  (Click on this last image for a bigger view.)

Sailing on Plastic bottles

These folks are trying to raise awareness of the plastic chaos loose in our oceans. They are going to Hawai’i on a downwind sailing vessel composed of discarded plastic bottles. Lots of them. Contrary to popular belief most all that plastic comes from land; garbage washing down the watersheds, and not from fishing vessels or ships. Industry reports 120 billion pounds of plastic was produced last year. That is double the amount of plastic produced since 1992. Whoa, it is a lot of oil used so we can drink our beverages out of plastic bottles and cart our groceries home in plastic bags. Learn more from this video. Here is the YouTube of their departure on June 1, 2008 from San Nicholas Island. They have a blog too called Junkraft and it was just up-dated on Sunday. Plastics is forever.