Bloomin’ sage & other Fall scenes

SagePictured is a variety of common sage which is often found over on the eastern slopes of the Divide – the other side of the mountains from us. It is quite delicate looking but hardy as prairie plants go. I’m not sure what its Latin name would be. I was struck by the fact that these were blooming in late September. I’m wondering if that is a common trait or drought induced, because I had never noticed such September blooms before over here, but I haven’t always been that finely tuned into sage. These plants were near Helena.


This shot is one of Matthew’s cloud photos captured this afternoon during a walk we took along the river. We were looking back towards the Bison Range from the Dixon road. I think it should be called Big sky, dramatic sky. We had rain last night so the air has taken on that quintessential sharp, Autumn quality and the light this evening is accentuating each leaf and cloud. More rain is on the way, oh yes.

Missions big dramatic

Click the smaller pictures for a better view. These are along the Clark Fork River near the Ferry Crossing in the Lolo National Forest. We have driven by this old ferry crossing before but have never stopped along this part of the water. There were a few drift boats on the river, but for them our walk was quite solitary. There is definitely a bite to the river air as we approach October. Here the river is tame. No kayaking today but this would have been fun for a few miles until we would have hit the shallow rapids.

Clark Fork

Clark Fork colors

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Kesh Jig – Bothy Band

This is a golden example of the amazing, driving sound which the Bothy Band could produce. They were my very first, favorite Irish band and we still have the CD with this set on it – although one of the tunes has been altered.  Notice the youngish Matt Malloy on Irish flute.


The door

Archie door

For original ideas to come about, you have to let them percolate under the level of consciousness in a place where we have no way to make them obey our own desires or our own direction. Their random combinations are driven by forces we don’t know about.
Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi

This door in the old brick works building outside of Helena inspired me for a photo. The day was very cloudy but the reds emerged willingly in the muted light. I doubt anyone has used this building for many years. For me, instead of it posing an abandoned quality this scene spoke to me of the creative process. Sometimes our best ideas will sit alone in a worn out, unused building for long days until the right moment comes along and a door gets randomly pushed ajar letting the afternoon light filter into a dusty hallway. Slowly, the contours of fresh ideas reveal themselves haltingly, seemingly awkward. One has to be careful. The important thing for me is not to ever put a lock on any door.

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Old Trillium camper

be80_12.JPGRemember the Partridge Family?

Someone in Leavenworth, WA had this old 1971 Trillium fiberglass camper for sale on eBay. Isn’t it just a riot? These little eggs really hold their value even with the wild paint and the advancing years. I guess one is free to do just about anything – experiment away and then put it up for resale. Hmm, it does make one think. That nice, white gel coat makes such an inviting canvas. PFbannerThis one is beyond cute. Regardless of cute I don’t think I’ll resort to watching any reruns. Get happy!

Road facts

239 Million Number of cars and light trucks on U.S. roads.

2.7 trillion Total vehicle miles traveled in the U.S. in 2006.

160% Increase in the amount of miles driven since 1970 in the U.S.

$66.3 Billion Amount spent by local, federal and state governments on U.S. highways in 2005.

Read more about US transportation numbers in the country here.

Juicy (One Deep Breath)

Green concords ripe

Harvest perfection

tiny worlds unto themselves

skin pulp seed juicy!


The prompt today from One Deep Breath is really fun – near and dear to the heart and fitting with my days as we harvest in the garden and from our grape vines. Our white Concords are just about done but now onto the reds. Visit ODB for more juicy haiku.


See these ripe white grapes –

not from the store, from the vine

consider ~ them ~ gone.

First snow

I interrupt your Autumn evening activities for this important bulletin. First snow! The photo was taken this evening before sunset just as the clouds parted briefly.  We are thanking heaven for this white stuff.  The heavy snow fall (it rained here in the valley) officially ends the fire season for 2007.  I feel a frost looming around the bend.  Our son just told me there are tiny little snow flakes falling outside as I write.

First snow missions

The Archie Bray Foundation

Women fineMatthew and I were asking each other for the camera all afternoon during our tour of the Archie Bray Ceramics Foundation.  We made a trip over to see the college kids and they suggested we all make a visit out to the Foundation. Stormy weather was coming in and the light was very subdued which made for easy photographs. It was one of those experiences where you say to yourself: “Everything I’ve been doing up to now was fine, but ceramics is truly where it’s at!” It was a pure art experience; a fascinating treasure hunt. Art presented just for art’s sake. Since the grounds used to be an old brick works plant, dating from the late 1800’s, there is a lot of old brick lying around and the ceramic art pieces are placed in the most unusual spots – outside. You never know what you will find. Many pieces are just cast-offs; simply lying around – art and pottery which didn’t make it through the second firing or whatever. Amazing stuff. There are some permanent displays as well – many of them quite strikingly beautiful given the fact they have been positioned strategically outdoors instead of stuck on a shelf inside some gallery. The ceramics blend perfectly with the natural elements of sky, clouds, wind, grass and hills. And why shouldn’t it? The clay from which the bricks were made was transported only from a few miles away. We had a fine stroll while exploring the grounds and then shared a nice picnic afterwards with bagels, cream cheese, apples, and fresh tomatoes from the garden.

Red top in the alcove

Click on the images for a better view. Like I said, piles of bricks…

Kiln and sky helena

and angels in the wild.

Angel in the wild

A Rudy Autio piece.

A rudy autio piece