A day turns into months…

This is a photo I intended to post in February. Yikes, time flies no matter what one does. One of my greatest joys and sense of accomplishment this last winter was the moment I finally felt ready to ski again after tearing my ACL last season. I chose not to have surgery. I took home exercises from the Ortho Center and started bit by bit to build my knee back into shape. New boots helped my confidence immensely. What a good day this was and the snow couldn’t have been any better than at Look Out Pass. The photo gets bigger I just didn’t think I needed to have a poster sized photo of myself staring at you. 🙂 But if you want to enlarge it to check out my new boots…


In the meanwhile spring has arrived in our big valley. Well, it shows its head then disappears for a few cold days. We had record freezing this week. Over the winter Matthew has learned to build and fly a Slow Stick RC plane. Here is a photo he took last night from the top of Ravalli Hill just five miles out of town. The Missions look chilly but the meadowlarks were singing. The Servo actually took the photo and the plane provided the view. Cool, huh? And that, folks is one thing you can do with Science!

Missions from the RC plane

Softening the light


Glancing through photos from a few years ago, I found this of a Washington beach and decided to play around with the contrast and vibrancy.
This is, of course, a photo from the Olympic Peninsula. The light that day was challenging — sun on sand on sea and then back at you.

A very Happy New Year to all of you!

Winter twilight on the lake


Winter is certainly here. We took a short walk along the shore at Big Arm last evening on the way home from my folks’. The world was quiet
except for a few cars on the road above the State Park. The lights across the bay and the blue shimmer of the water made it almost magical.
Okay, it was magical.
Too bad we didn’t have the kayak. Haha, just kidding.
How many different words do you think the Inuit have for the expression: Brrr….

No snow, so we hiked

December finds us without snow except in the higher elevations around 5000 feet. We went out for a short hike this afternoon
which found us some wide open vistas. A December 1 hike was pretty sweet but we know that snow is coming. Soon, this area
will be gated off so the wild elk herds can enjoy their range in peace.



These shots are off my iPhone. They always look a little funky but that’s okay. The bottom photo clicks
to a larger size. It was rather a nice day.

Matt on trail Dec 1

Mountain top Moon

Yesterday afternoon we were near the Clark Fork river for a picnic. It was a warmer day than we’ve had. Rain is coming in from the coast so we took advantage of the chance to go out in the woods. But not too far into the woods since it’s hunting season. This waxing moon rose over the craggy peaks near Paradise where the Flathead and Clark Fork Rivers meet just as the sun was going down. We had stopped to watch the sun set over the river and Matt pointed out the moon coming up behind us. Oh yes.

Since I promised sunset photos awhile back, here you go. I took this photo below Friday, late afternoon. It’s dark here by 6 pm. Which seems wrong but it’s nice to have clear sky and a little snow on the mountains now. I’ve been busy with National Novel writing month, thus the sparse posts these last two weeks. And now Thanksgiving is upon us! I hope you are all thankful for something today.


Longing for the coast


It is already November. The seasons pass more quickly each year it seems. Our little family has made a plan to visit the Peninsula next Spring.
I’m not sure I can wait that long! Our youngest will be 21 then. How can it be, I remember him like it was last year, running along this beach when he was still so small?

I still haven’t figured out how time works… I need a brain the size of Einstein I guess.

Happy November everyone!

Canoe Bliss

The Raven canoe returns home after a quiet paddle up at the lake. It was a clear day ahead of the wind and rain.
This view is from the little brown church where we store her.


It’s hard to know what you’ll get when doing a mobile upload. I resized this in photoshop so it’s a bit better than the first pic.