In praise of the canoe

If there’s a place, Canoe there. — Brent Kelly

This is a photo of myself, my big brother Kyle and his granddaughter last August. Oh Yeah.


There is nothing that is so aesthetically pleasing and yet so functional and versatile as the canoe. — Bill Mason

Winter twilight on the lake


Winter is certainly here. We took a short walk along the shore at Big Arm last evening on the way home from my folks’. The world was quiet
except for a few cars on the road above the State Park. The lights across the bay and the blue shimmer of the water made it almost magical.
Okay, it was magical.
Too bad we didn’t have the kayak. Haha, just kidding.
How many different words do you think the Inuit have for the expression: Brrr….

Canoe Bliss

The Raven canoe returns home after a quiet paddle up at the lake. It was a clear day ahead of the wind and rain.
This view is from the little brown church where we store her.


It’s hard to know what you’ll get when doing a mobile upload. I resized this in photoshop so it’s a bit better than the first pic.

What will it be?

We have not had too many adventures yet this month. Last week we paddled at Swan Lake for the day.
We are currently rebuilding our back porch and adding a deck. It’s all good work but what will our next adventure be?
The top photo is of a one lane road through the wind shield. The second is Matt sitting on the shore At Bowman Lake.
PS: I will be returning to my Canon camera eventually but the iPhone takes decent shots and it’s so easy to carry with on excursions.



This might be heaven

The road to this place is over 100 years old built by people looking for riches. They sure found it.
But it still might be heaven because there were loons calling in the evening…
And Forest Larks singing in the treetops.
We only heard motors twice. Once, a small horsepower skiff and then a plane off in the distance.
Otherwise, it was nature’s own self composed music.


Kayak thru' July

It has been awhile since we kayaked a tandem. She is fast for an old lady but she needed some spiffing.
Our new-old Tofino had to have new seats after 22 years of use by our good friends who sold it to us.
Mine is now very comfy but Matt is still retro-fitting his seat.
So far, we’ve paddled 5 lakes and one river – (Flathead Lake multiple times) in either this boat or the Raven canoe.
We usually cover 4 or 5 miles in the Tandem, in a leisurely outing, without really breaking a sweat.
Matt took this photo of me a few days ago at Yellow Bay. It is getting pretty warm here.


Amazing day

Here is a photo Matt took off his iPhone. He processed it through Camera Plus.
The Red Raven Canoe was also on the water. I paddled it with my brother and it was a wonderful day
at the Park. The wind would gust once in awhile but it gave my brother a chance to practice his long lost canoeing skills.  Good times.

I kept up the long tradition of all the women in my family of cooking the burgers over the fire pit. It made me miss my Grandma Storm.