Wild Clematis


I’m going to try it again with the wildflower pics. I didn’t realize the Trillium was so blown out on my iPhone. It’s hard to tell sometimes.
Anyway, here are a couple shots from yesterday’s wandering at our favorite wild flower stations! The Clematis was really quite abundant.


And, a red friend stopped by so that I could photograph him ? under the blossoms – Service Berry, I believe.

red squirrel

I love Cacti

I was eight years old the last time I visited the desert, thus I felt like I was seeing it for the first time.
Of all the strange plants the barrel cactus intrigued me the most, I think. This one I found in the Valley of Fire.
Isn’t it a wonderful, weird and singular plant? I think it’s a plant. It looked to me that at any moment it might get up and walk away.
I probably was freaking it out with my camera.


The Joshua trees come in all shapes and sizes.. we found many at the Red Rock Canyon.

I had to have Matthew stand near some of those taller trees. It looked almost lush in this little ravine or dry creek bed.


Spring touches Zion

The great leafing out of Spring had just begun in the Park, which was curious to me, since it is such a warmer climate than Montana. I had a lot to learn about
the desert and high plateaus. Magic happens in every crevice, especially if that place catches water.


We didn’t see a ton of blooms in the desert but what we did see were bright and colorful.


Below Matthew and I (behind him) hike down what usually is Clear Creek but now dry. The next rain storm it won’t be; it will be a torrent.

I love that red sandstone color and the sand was as fine as it comes.

It was hot in the sun and cold in the shadow. Quite a change for us to see that much blue sky and sunshine. Yay sun!

Thoughts still elsewhere…


Had to share with you the last photo of wild flowers I took. Even my pansies in the garden are pretty much frosted.

We had to get snow tires on our car before we go skiing. We did that, so now we’ll wait for a cheap Friday… but darn it if I’m not still thinking about boats!

Below is McDonald Lake I took with little ole’ point and shoot. It’s bright sunshine today with no snow. It’s hard to think about winter.


One of the closest put-ins for us when we go kayaking on Flathead Lake is at the southern tip of  Polson Bay. The sign was designed and cast by my brother

of  Written in Stone. He’s awesome.

Click to enlarge


Color it October!

The colors this autumn are quite brilliant partly due to the fact that we haven’t had a hard frost yet.

These rose hips were at the Bison Range;  Matt took this picture.

The dogwoods are just starting to turn. I didn’t increase the saturation in this photo at all; it’s just the way it looked.

This dogwood is next to our back door so I couldn’t pass up the color.

We did a paddle today along the Clark Fork near Trout Creek. This part of the river is like a lake with
very little current. Matt and I think this is the latest we’ve kayaked in October. It was nearly sixty. The photo below I took with my phone.

We saw Belted Kingfishers, heard loons, and a Bald Eagle flew over us on the river. I’d say it was a special paddle.

I have some others I took with the Canon which I hope to share in a couple of days.


Visiting the lily pad


It is water lily time! This is a shot of Lake Mary Ronan from the far end away from the boat launch. It is such a sweet time of the year to visit this part
of the lake. The birds are all done nesting and no one was disturbed or sent squawking during the photographing of these lilies. We try to be pretty respectful of their space. After all, it is their watery world we are visiting.  Matthew took these two photos while we paddled against a side wind which sent us drifting into the reeds on several occasions. The breeze actually felt good with the hot sun overhead.


You can see Matthew is having to work with the wind in his canoe. He dropped the seat down two inches a few weeks ago to make it more stable in windy situations.

He can also use the kayak paddle to gain a little momentum when he needs it.

Time for Paintbrush

The Indian Paintbrush is late this year, as are most flowers and plants.  Here is a shot of one beautiful bloom I took near Ashley Lake last weekend where were were kayaking.  I didn’t see many of them but these were growing near a small stream.