Snow falling

Snow falling hard in our front yard outside while our son Ian plays the piano inside. We’ve had some blizzard conditions in western Montana today. I am not sure how much is out there now; probably 12 inches at least. We’ve shoveled three times and that was after our friend plowed the driveway once this morning.  What a a way for 2010 to sing its swan song.


Cool Vancouver


We used to spend summers in this city when I was a little girl. My father was working on his Master’s and we usually spent close to a month in the heart of the city during the sessions he attended at the Theological school. I have so many wonderful memories of these times – walking the pier, my mother buying crab right off the boat, going to the zoo, taking the ferry over to Victoria…it was magical for a little girl from small town Montana. I have been back only once to Vancouver as an adult and it is a much busier, greatly larger place now. It is about the only city I am truly in love with. Enjoy this video which I discovered on the Dish.

Crown of the Continent

A new friend who lives in Arizona recently called to ask me if he could set some of our music to a video he shot last October of the Flathead Lake area and Glacier Park.  I said: Yes! He put his video up on YouTube today so here it is.  I really like it. Thank you Wayne, for letting us be a part of your lovely short film.  (About six minutes long.)  What a great way to step out of this month and into February.  Soon it will be hiking season again.  There is plenty of snow here to be seen however!


Friday Fun ~ Uke Girl


This is a fun, quasi-whacky video of a good Uke player doing Rich Girl. There is a story behind me posting this video.  Matthew went and did it again – he bought me another instrument.  This time it is a baritone Ukulele. ( A small instrument for small hands.)  Yep, I’m going to be playing it for happy hour at the local tofu shop or the old folks home, or somewhere.  Hmm, I might be able to con a trip to Hawaii out of this if I truly practice hard.  The operative word in that sentence is Hawaii in case you missed it. On a more practical level, what I really need is an empty corner.  All the other corners seem to be taken.

Four dimensional horse

We gotta’ spread the geek love around… and around.

Twenty-four seconds of mind-bending reality.  If you glance down at the bottom after this one plays, you will see other short videos to click on and view right here also.  The cube is cool… well actually they all are interesting.


Ian, how do you find these things?