Double take


To someone not in the know this would be a very strange scene against the landscape of a Montana winter. But you just never know what you’ll find off the beaten path… Another shot of the Buddha gardens and that forbidding sky. I call this “she might want a sweater”. A close up is below.


Pre-Christmas Ukuleles

Matthew and a friend are building ukuleles and here is our friend’s Uke
all decked out on our kitchen table. This Uke is a tenor. He might have done more this weekend
but here it is in the embryo stage a few days ago. The rosette was one of the first things
to go in around the sound hole.

Below is a side project: Matt’s experimenting with Mod Podge

on the peg head of one of our inexpensive ukuleles. Funny, there are dozens of “side projects” around here; how does that work? I figure, the thing

that is being worked on is the main project. Ha! I love the little nuthatch….

  • Nuthatch-peg-head

Kayak Dreams


This was seriously one of the warmest days I’ve ever been on Flathead. My shot turned out kind of cool tho’, despite it being so hot.

We did an after work paddle  a few days ago at the closest put-in for us at the southern tip of the lake. The heat made everything a little fuzzy….

We didn’t go far since Matt is still sore from a his bike accident. He’s back in the saddle though and getting better each day. Things were quiet here.

Just the way I like it.


Cold wind Buddha in Montana

It’s been ages since I posted anything on Quiet Paths.  I apologize.  I’ve been trying to get my parents back on track these last many weeks.  My Dad broke his hip before Christmas and walked around on it (painfully) for six weeks before we acquired a second opinion and the doc immediately took an X-ray. The first doctor did not bother with such a curious exercise.  X-rays were out of his league, I guess.   It was rough going for awhile when my Dad couldn’t drive, but he is better now and I have some more time.


All that aside, spring is nudging itself into our neck of the woods very slowly.  We now have no snow on the ground.  That’s a big change!  This afternoon, on our way home from Missoula, Matthew and I stopped to see the Buddha near Arlee. It is still storming in the mountains and very gray but the colorful flags made a wonderful contrast to the landscape. It just made me happy to see this.  All this situated out in the middle of a hay field.  It’s actually quite wonderful in this setting.  The flags seemed to be gathering all the color into that space, while all around us the wind blew.

The Great Mother didn’t have too many garments on to cut the wind; I still am wearing my ski jacket!. I wanted to put it on the altar but I decided to keep it.  Brrr.

There was no one around; just us and the Buddha statues.  Peace, in a hay field. Namaste!



The last day of the year 2010


Our Red Raven canoe sits on her perch in our back yard blanketed by the latest snowfall.  We never had time to drive her up north and into the old church sanctuary before the big snows hit. We kind of like having her near by, actually. She needs one of the thwarts repaired before Spring anyway.

Below:  Twilight chores at the end of the year.  Our son, Ian, graciously helps shovel out the driveway. We were grateful and happy for some awesome family time during the Holidays. The really bad weather gave us an excuse to just be quietly at home.


May your New Year be filled with a lingering hint of the familiar and all the exciting stuff a new year can bring. (I am not talking material stuff, however.) As a friend said: with gratitude I remember; with faith and anticipation I look forward to what lies ahead. God bless us, every one.

Winter Solstice 2010


My brother, Barry, did this art piece last summer. It is a huge rock with gold leaf inlay. We were walking around his shop on Saturday and found the stone outside in the snow.   For some reason I thought this piece was in Missoula, so it was a surprise to see it so remarkably adorned outside. We considered this a most appropriate photo for this winter solstice. Tonight is a total lunar eclipse as well – the likes which will not be seen again until 2485.  Please follow the link and read more about this amazing longest night of the year. I hope Barry sees his stone from New Jersey! He and his wife are on the east coast visiting family for Christmas. Happy Solstice bro’ and Janet!  And, a very happy Solstice to all of you friends out there! (Face/palm: Ok, the eclipse was last night!)

Flathead River & Standing Stones

A scene looking downriver towards the town of Paradise along the Flathead River.  During the weekend we didn’t have any snow but it has been snowing here in western MT all day. You can see the storm clouds building in the west. This meander along the river is a favorite of mine. The towering hills remind me of castles built out of the rock.


However, along the river Matthew was busy building his own version of a castles via stone stacking right on the shore.  The rocks are sharp and angular here in this spot and not at all smooth like in some places so they are pretty ideal for stacking.  The stone stacker just needs to find that perfect little niche or crack and then add a little balance…


The wind was blowing hard, so who knows how long these will remain upright – precariously balanced. Sort of sounds like life.