A day turns into months…

This is a photo I intended to post in February. Yikes, time flies no matter what one does. One of my greatest joys and sense of accomplishment this last winter was the moment I finally felt ready to ski again after tearing my ACL last season. I chose not to have surgery. I took home exercises from the Ortho Center and started bit by bit to build my knee back into shape. New boots helped my confidence immensely. What a good day this was and the snow couldn’t have been any better than at Look Out Pass. The photo gets bigger I just didn’t think I needed to have a poster sized photo of myself staring at you. 🙂 But if you want to enlarge it to check out my new boots…


In the meanwhile spring has arrived in our big valley. Well, it shows its head then disappears for a few cold days. We had record freezing this week. Over the winter Matthew has learned to build and fly a Slow Stick RC plane. Here is a photo he took last night from the top of Ravalli Hill just five miles out of town. The Missions look chilly but the meadowlarks were singing. The Servo actually took the photo and the plane provided the view. Cool, huh? And that, folks is one thing you can do with Science!

Missions from the RC plane

Stuff in the oven….

make pie!

A happiest of New Year to all of you. I have once again been a bit out of the blogging loop since Solstice.
This is not intentional, we have a few items in the oven right now. There’s always somethin!

Two doctors said they are pretty sure I tore my ACL skiing after Christmas so no more skiing for me for awhile…. but I’m up and walking and getting around and using the ice pack a lot. I probably will not opt for the surgery. At least not right away.
When I want to go skiing again I’ll have to wear a brace, but I can live with that. The surgery takes about a year’s recuperation. I don’t wanna’ do that.

This morning I found leftover pumpkin pie filling.
So I decided to make a different kind of pie – carrot and pumpkin pie with pecans. (Say that five times fast!) This is
a shot of it as it went into the oven unbaked. Since our son gave me a very hip apron for Christmas I decided I needed
to brush up on my baking since the Holidays. This pie is equal parts carrot and pumpkin using the standard custard
pumpkin pie recipe.
Disclaimer:  I did not use heavy cream today since Matt and I are counting calories. I used Evaporated milk
and left out the cardamon since I added the carrot puree. I always seem to use more cloves, allspice and ginger than most recipes call for too.

Le Pie just came out of the oven so we’ll allow it to cool and see how it tastes. Then we’ll share with family.  Come on over for a piece!

First tracks


These were taken yesterday at Lookout Pass with Matt’s Droid. It was very foggy, very snowy, with deep, deep powder. Not bad for the first ski of the season for us. In some places I even was able to make first tracks although I am not the best deep powder skier. I went splat a couple times…  The Droid phone doesn’t do a bad job. It really did look like this; a very black and white day.

First snow of Autumn


This is the first significant snowfall on the Missions for the season. The ducks you see in flight seem very hesitant to leave. There was a large flock of them on the canal when we walked there last evening.  I can’t say I’m happy about the cold weather moving in but I sure do appreciate the snow up high and I love the way the mountains look.  Soon it will be time to bring the skis up from the basement!   Sky Watch Friday is a special collection of sky photos from all around the world.

Bliss or Oblivious

me: Skiing merrily along on a favorite run.

Matthew: Skiing merrily along behind.

me: Pauses in an open glade and looks back.

Matthew: On the ground; skis splayed asunder.

me: “What happened? Are you alright?”

Matthew: “I fell back on my skis and have been riding them sitting down, going really fast for the last 75 feet, with my butt on the ends! What do you think?”

me: Oh.

Answer:  oblivious

On the ski hill

I promised a ski photo or two from last Sunday.  I forgot my backpack so I didn’t want to take the camera on the lift.  Can you imagine the horror should I drop it from way up there? I’d never live it down.  No sir. Thus, I only got shots this time from the bottom of the hill. By the time I decided I’d had my last run it had started to snow.  Not the best photo but this is looking up the hill from Lift 1.  Snow conditions so far this year are passable but not great.  The skiing was still tons of fun.  I am hoping that February will bring the epic snow storm we need.  Otherwise it might be a dry summer.


Here is our son Aly (R) riding the lift up.  The perspective is screwy but this run is high, narrow and steep.  I don’t do that one.  It is usually more like a luge.
Aly life

Snow Giants

After my accident last ski season (you might remember – I got smacked hard by a big, burly, out of control snowboarder who hit me full on and cracked my sternum) I honestly had a rougher time New Year’s Eve day getting back on the slopes than I did during the follow-up trip about a month after the accident.  I was nervous which was not like me, but I had never had an accident which equaled the one last February either.  I was in pain for quite a while.  So, gingerly I took my first ski step this season and launched into the New Year.

Ah, the moment I got on the lift and looked out over the many mountainous layers of snow-covered peaks, I thought – this is totally worth the risk.  To witness the season of snow from the mountain top is a privilege and joy of which I never tire.  You can nearly touch God’s hand standing here in the snow on top of the world.  This photo is in honor of trees and the white snow giants they become in the winter.

snow giant

How many tons of snow do you think these trees hold in their arms? The landscape is transformed by silent white sentries of peace and repose. Our son Ian took this photo as he stood looking west into Idaho with the Coolpix camera. Ok, enough of this gawking at the scenery!  Cowabunga!  More tomorrow….
snow view

Know hope for new snow

Lookout Nove

This is the summit at Look Out Pass on the Montana / Idaho border early this morning at first light. There is about eighteen inches at the summit and it is still collecting.   The ski area is not yet open of course, but as the long Thanksgiving weekend draws near and we continue to get wet weather – where there is snow, there is hope!  Each time I go down in the basement I eye those darn skis stacked neatly against the wall and the boots, large and small, perfectly lined up with their partners.  Last spring all the mittens and gloves were sorted and paired; so what else is there to do but wax and wait?  Ah, ’tis the season of thumb-twiddling.

Oops, just checked their website and they are opening for a few days over the weekend.  I guess we’ll bide our time just a wee bit longer… don’t want to scrape up that fresh wax job!