Water Jewels

stones in water

Near the shore on Flathead Lake,
the best rocks shimmer under the surface
while the water reflects back late summer sun
and plovers hop along beside me on a rough run.

I like finding stones while drifting in my kayak
to look at them, but then carefully place
the brightly colored jewels back in the lake
to their rightful spot in the water mosaic.

In the middle of the lake

Two eagles watch them
a mother Grebe with little
babies on her back
swim out to the Island cove
catching sunshine on the way.

serenity lake

Note: The subject of my tanka is a mother Grebe we saw yesterday swimming in the middle of the Lake; off on some kind of expedition with all her babies. Two bald eagles from Goose Island started swooping down on her all of a sudden. We were celebrating my Dad’s birthday at the lake and while we all watched anxiously from shore Mrs. Grebe tried to fend the Baldies off. Finally the eagles stopped, but I sadly think they might have snatched one of the babies. We are not sure; they didn’t appear to be munching on anything afterwards. The mother Grebe continued paddling her route with all the babies on board. Well, mostly on board, one would fall off now and again only to hop back on. She had a mission and would not be deterred. The photo above was taken in the middle of the lake while we were out in the canoe. Not exactly a Grebe-eye’s view, but close.

Hesitate ~ OSI

A pause between breaths

the pivot of decision

whispers between one touch to another

a sigh before release

hesitation at the handshake

a space among the sentences

this cold, red surge of darkness when anger swells

the open gate before it closes

the heart of injury

a moment reigns.


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