A day turns into months…

This is a photo I intended to post in February. Yikes, time flies no matter what one does. One of my greatest joys and sense of accomplishment this last winter was the moment I finally felt ready to ski again after tearing my ACL last season. I chose not to have surgery. I took home exercises from the Ortho Center and started bit by bit to build my knee back into shape. New boots helped my confidence immensely. What a good day this was and the snow couldn’t have been any better than at Look Out Pass. The photo gets bigger I just didn’t think I needed to have a poster sized photo of myself staring at you. 🙂 But if you want to enlarge it to check out my new boots…


In the meanwhile spring has arrived in our big valley. Well, it shows its head then disappears for a few cold days. We had record freezing this week. Over the winter Matthew has learned to build and fly a Slow Stick RC plane. Here is a photo he took last night from the top of Ravalli Hill just five miles out of town. The Missions look chilly but the meadowlarks were singing. The Servo actually took the photo and the plane provided the view. Cool, huh? And that, folks is one thing you can do with Science!

Missions from the RC plane

Moon Tower

This is a crazy photo, I know. And not one I’m usually known for – but here it is.
It’s not computer generated. It was real: Las Vegas control tower the morning we flew out
after our desert visit in April. I looked out the window of the passenger seat and the moon was hanging there — I had to take the photo.
What do you think when you look at it? I am thinking Star Wars or one of those computer games our boys play…


Next up will be the sunset photos from the other night like I promised. Maybe…

What a winter!

This is our sunset a few nights ago when it was really quite frigid. We’ve had a lot of that cold, snow, and ice since November. Just like most of the other states here up north.  The whole shebang of a winter, and then some. My grandparents led a very difficult life in eastern MT trying to survive on the prairie, but at least they had sunshine once in a while.  What is that light, sunshine-y stuff anyway? I scarce remember -the sun sets in the evening and performs a most colorful light show every now and then, but that is really all we see of it most of the time.