Happy 4th

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. This morning I had my own set of fireworks going off in my garden! They were pink and looked just like carnations!


Blue Jays


We don’t see too many of these birds in our valley. A pair of Jays have been hanging out with us this winter.
They always let me know when they are around too. I can hear them up in the trees. Their bright feathers cheer up a gray winter day.

They like to mosey around underneath the feeders. The other birds don’t especially appreciate them like I do.


Give me Sunshine


I wish you all a Happy Solstice a bit early with a little extra sunshine sure to come your way. I probably won’t get to this tomorrow.

We were treated to temps in the low 50’sĀ over the weekend but now we have four inches of snow on the ground. Notice the contrast below!

After tonight the days will lengthen. So until then we simply have to bring each other sunshine with our smiles.