Spring time cranked way up

We’ve had to wait a while for spring around here. So come on Spring already! This is another shot from the bird refuge last week. It looks like Fall because the willows are just turning. However, they are yellow in a springlike kind of way. In truth, I love that snow. I don’t care what season it is – I love it all. This is a large file so click on it if you want to see it big.


3 thoughts on “Spring time cranked way up

  1. I wouldn’t mind snow way off in the distance all year, either. As long as I can see flowers and grass in the foreground. The willows look like that here right now.
    Lovely, as always.

    Happy Spring!

  2. The place you live is so peaceful and this is definitely a place that is good for the soul. Having lived in a city ….very dense!! (trust me :D) I enjoyed parks, lakes and gardens whenever I travelled 😀

    Thank you for sharing…I told my hubby that if I ever visit America again, me gonna camp out in the park besides a river 😀

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