It’s time for the birds


Last Friday we went with friends to visit parts of Ninepipes Wildlife Refuge we’d never seen. Our friend works there so he took us on a back-roads tour. There were birds all over the place. Here are some of the shots
I grabbed. I know I need a bigger lens but this is what I had. Maybe when our youngest is finished with school, I can find one… 🙂 Above is a Great Blue Heron.

These geese parents were simply trying to keep everyone together. We saw one couple stealing babies left and right so these two were sticking very close to their goslings. (Who knows whether or not they hadn’t stolen babies too!)

And the thrill of the day for me was seeing this Curlew. He was very busy in a field they were preparing for grain. Camouflage is such an amazing thing; it took a quick eye to spot it. I have more to come.


3 thoughts on “It’s time for the birds

  1. I saw two of these on FB. Glad I decided to drop in. The Geese and babies are so sweet. Goslings, I should say.

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