Milky Way view from Western Montana


I meant to post this a few weeks back, but I get distracted in the summer. 🙂 This was taken late June on one of those special, clear nights with very little moon. We stayed up way too late but look at what we found! This photo was taken before the fire on Ravalli Hill. Those hills are now recovering nicely from being scorched by a human caused blaze near Highway 93, which took the Tribe many days to control.

This weekend we are hoping to view the Perseid Showers, which will peak Friday and Saturday nights. I hope you get to check them out too.

Note: This was taken with the wide angle lens accompanied by a shutter app on my Nexus. Matthew rigged the whole thing up. Ask before you use it, OK?

5 thoughts on “Milky Way view from Western Montana

  1. A lovely star-gazing world in the shot you took Christine and Matthew. I have a night feature on my Olympus mirrorless, but I’ve never used it. I love your photo!

  2. I’m not enough of a photographer to take pictures of the night sky, but being able to capture images like this could be a big motivator! My granddaughter and I were able to watch the meteor shower in its beginning stages earlier this month, from our unbeatable mountaintop view, but we could only bring our mental images back home with us. Thank you!

  3. Many people will never see the Milky Way due to how much light pollution there is where they live. Just think of how much energy we could save if people would turn off unnecessary outdoor lights. Getting people’s attitudes to change about light pollution seems next to impossible though.

    P.S. you are in our thoughts.

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