A Time Lapse of the Flathead River

Happy Easter to you all. Yesterday Matthew and I spent part of the early evening on top of a hill overlooking the Flathead River just west of Dixon, in an area also known as Tipi Camp. We shot a time lapse of the clouds, sky and outback hills on the other side of the river. I’ve been wanting to do that area in time lapse for awhile. If you watch closely, there is a train shot too.

While this camera was busy, I hiked across the road with the GoPro camera to set up another time lapse with a varied perspective. I stepped away for a moment and a female bluebird came to light on the camera and iPhone for a couple minutes while her very blue partner sat nearby. That camera was thereby blessed by a Bluebird!  Happy Spring!

[responsive_vimeo https://vimeo.com/160515935 notitle nobyline]

5 thoughts on “A Time Lapse of the Flathead River

  1. Oh man that’s really cool! I love this. You can always tell it is Montana. The grassy hills sometimes remind me of the loose skin on a short haired dog.

  2. LOVE the train! Looks like those 3 Dash-9’s – and their likely 7,000′ string of charges – are moving faster than the clouds! Anybody (else) know what they’re hauling? And since it’s not published above (commendable!).

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