My Ukulele, my Jam

When we were in Hawaii last summer, our daughter-in-law learned a new term on the street and shared it with us. “Dude, that’s my jam!” She overheard the phrase from a boy who had noticed music being played in a car with the windows open. He must have approved.

So yeah, this is my Uke and Dude, that’s my Jam! I’ve been practicing more with object photography in natural light settings. This is what I came up with the other day. Hope you like it.

Uke on wood

6 thoughts on “My Ukulele, my Jam

  1. lovely! I used to know a brother who played bass back in the (well a long time ago..) and he would say “That’s cold!” He had a special way of saying it,. It never really worked when I said it.. 🙂

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