A late summer’s View

Perma landscape late Summer

It was a busy but wonderful summer for us. We kayaked the Flathead River four times from May through August. Now the river is a bit low. This photo was taken a few days ago a mile or so from the Perma Bridge with the small kite. At first we launched our big kite and immediately the spool was ripped from my hands and started spinning like a top on the ground. I managed to hold onto the line (with gloves) but could feel the heat from friction, as the kite bolted upwards. Very exciting. We brought the big kite down as soon as the spool was secured and launched the little one. Too much breeze for the big guy! The small kite had no problem lifting the Go-Pro with its case. Gotta’ love that wind power.

Fall Flathead River KAP

2 thoughts on “A late summer’s View

  1. Nice shots. Summer has long gone form here, though I believe Indian Summer may already be on the way. Lovely shots. I was hoping to kayak in the bay this summer, but it never happened! I’m glad you didn’t lose your kite or your camera!

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