Missions from where an eagle flies


I keep waiting for Matt to post this on his site but he hasn’t yet. It’s too good not to share. So, here is a shot from his RC plane taken last month. The smoke was pouring in from a forest fire to the west of us. It gave the mountains an eerie glow at sunset. He processed this photo in Gimp – it enlarges. Any guess as to how high the plane was?

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7 thoughts on “Missions from where an eagle flies

  1. I am no good at guessing distance. This is a beautiful photo. I love seeing these aerial views. There does seem to be an eerie color cast over the landscape. Reminds me of tornado weather. Here we get an odd green cast when tornadoes are in the area.

  2. I love the view from up high, no matter what way I’m seeing it.. in a photograph or while up in the air myself! This one’s a really wonderful photo. Great that Matthew is loving his RC Plane so much!

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