From on high

This is the view from on top of Snowbowl ski area. I’ve never ridden a Ski lift going down and I never want to again. I’ve had people tell me this photo was worth the ride – I’m not so sure. I prefer going down on skis, thank you.
The wild flowers were very pretty! Even given the dry conditions. More iPhone photos since clutching the big, camera bag was not on the agenda…



6 thoughts on “From on high

  1. It is a cool pic. All of those old vintage chairs without restraints give me the creeps just going up. I hate it when an old chair like that comes to a stop. Going down on skis at the bowl can be freaky too!

    • Don, I’ve never had any trouble ever – ridden chair lifts my whole life. I didn’t expect it to bother me but the moment we started down — oh boy! And they had to stop several times because a wedding party got on in full dress to ride to the top.

  2. this is breathtaking. i would have loved to try skiing down the hill even though i’ve never gone skiing before. i would have enjoyed the ski lift ride too though. the scenery would have moved past much slower that way. hope all is well. have a great night~

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