At the top of the hill


Is your world feeling a little tippy today? Do events feel out of whack? They do to me – time to stop reading the latest Twitter news feed.

It’s time to get outside and oh! It’s the weekend coming up – perfect.
What fuels your creative energy? It’s time to go in search of adventure or maybe just a quiet place by the water.

6 thoughts on “At the top of the hill

  1. I couldn’t agree more Christine. In these unsettling, unpredictable days, it’s more important than ever to tune into a different channel, the ones that feed our imagination and our souls. Like you, getting out into the natural world does that for me (not to mention spending time with grandkids!)

    Congrats on the redo of your blog. I’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t mustered the wherewithal yet. Don’t hold your breath, but stay tuned….

  2. That shot makes me dizzy, but I like it. Your header must change photos, it is different than when I stopped by this afternoon.

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