A bird refuge extraordinaire’


This was taken from the levy across the valley, on the Charlo side of Ninepipes. The water from the dam above is now flowing so it looks way different than
when this was taken, three weeks ago. And we have had more rain. Still, there were birds all over the place. Now they are into full-on nesting. Those are all birds down there. I couldn’t count the number of species: from Curlews to black -throat stilts to Swans….and lots of gulls.

7 thoughts on “A bird refuge extraordinaire’

  1. This is a beautiful photo, Christine. I’m so happy to see water flowing anywhere and it is good to hear that you have had rain. Here in southern New Mexico our drought is setting new records (driest 2-year period in 102 years, something like that) but organizers tell us that they are still planning the Rafting the Rio event on June 15th. That seems laughable right now as that riverbed is just dry, dry, dry. We’ll see if the irrigation water that will be released is enough for the rafts!

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